Audi Cup 2019

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Dont see why not, Woolwich list the Fairs Cup as a major european honour :pochohshit:
UEFA don’t. It was an invitational competition only open to clubs in cities who had held a city fair. Only one entry per city. When Newcastle won it they finished 9th in the league to qualify . I am pleased to say it does not count as a proper trophy. In fact the Charity Shield is higher in the pecking order as every club is able to qualify for it.
That's like saying The English are Welsh 😂
No mate Welsh are celts and English are Anglo-Saxons. Greeks live in Cyprus for thousands of years and in many occasions Cyprus almost unite with Greece.I lived in Cyprus for a year and if you tell a Cypriot that you are Greek they will get angry because they consider them selfs also Greeks and not "Cypriots "
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