2015/16 Kit Thread

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As it happens I think it looks great, but also realise that it won't ever happen. I have to say, that anyone that buys a replica shirt who is over the age of 12 needs to get a life. I occasionally wear a pin badge, and sometimes think that is OTT
Yeah have to admit I find grown men in football shirts a bit cringey, but each to their own I suppose

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Haha okay, I personally prefer somehow special kits - but well if you don't like them I'll capitulate :D

My personal favourite is still the home kit from our Champions League season. That was just magnificent!
Sorry bud, I liked that shirt as well. Oh well seems only u and I would wear them. Maybe a good Tshirt instead of a kit. Nah...I still fancy it!!
It's annoying that we change our kit every season now. Not because of the expense of buying the shirts (as I don't buy them), but because it means loads of new ones have to be produced all the time and there is only so much you can do with such a simple design without occasionally resorting to adding loads of unnecessary shit which makes us look awful for a year. I like this season's kit a lot and would be happy to have it for another year.

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