Érik Lamela

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I'm not sure that's true.

Winks (remember the crowd groans from too many sideways/backwards passes). Llorente in his first couple of games in this recent spell. Sissoko, Trippier, Aurier, Janssen, Lloris, Soldado... the list goes on.

In my view it's OK (and required on a forum) to criticise poor performances, as long as it's rational and backed up with observations (not stats or compilation videos) if it's balanced up with praise when they do well.

The problem we have here is that the Lamela contingent (and if this is your position, then we should all respect it - as you should respect the doubters' position) home in on the negative comments and treat them as personal insults. There then ensues an almighty bun-fight where rational debate is suspended, and personal insults fly around like confetti (rather like Brexit!)

Which was why I stuck up for Lamela when he was getting dogs abuse (not just on this site) a few years ago and more recently Sissoko

Both have come good and I wonder sometimes about our so called supporters!

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He’s not the kind of player who makes immediate impact after being subbed. I think Lucas fits that role more but we need to work with what we have I guess.

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Best player on the pitch at flapping his arms around again. Great effort. Zero quality. When Lamela starts we rarely score. We've not been winning any game he's started over the last few months at the point he's been substituted. Damning fact. He blunts our attack.

Diving in front of Kane and putting him off was him in a nutshell.
How hard did you punch your cat when you saw he was starting?

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