£250-400 for a mascot to walk on the field at the start of a match?

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'you middle class out of touch cunt!'
My nephew was one a few years ago, was shocked at the price, then when you look at the 2 'free' tickets to the game and the full kit you are nearly at the £200 mark anyway.

He was with Modric, and had VDV and Bale either side of him, VDV tapped him on the shoulder in the tunnel and he ignored it, was when the sky cameras zoomed in as well.

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Raw Ill give it to ya no trivia. Okay, some trivia
Would fucking love to walk out onto the pitch holding hands with naughton or rose. Would be the shit.
Would you mind staying out there for the game to walk them around to proper defensive position?
Can't speak for the other clubs but at Spurs it includes a couple of match tickets, a full kit for the kid, and food etc as well as a tour of the ground etc.

In that respect, it's worth it, an experience their surely never going to forget.
This is odd.

My boy was a mascot last season v Cardiff. Didn't cost a bean, he was drawn at random from the junior members list. I think there were 5 other kids there who had free places. Can only assume they just charge the sponsors and corporates for the other places.

For free he got a full kit, 2 seats in the West lower (crappy ones in the corner but still free), met all the players in the tunnel before the game and got autographs, except Lennon who didn't come out of the dressing room, the only downside was that I couldnt go down the tunnel with him.

Was a great day.
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