Some of the best Spurs writers pen their thoughts on all things Lilywhite.
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9th May 2017

A Trip Down Childhood Lane

Everyone remembers the big games at the Lane but here Sam Johnson picks out some of the matches that have stayed in his memory over the years.

5th May 2017

2016/17 Spurs Player of the Year: A very long list

In years gone by, picking our 'Player of the Season' has usually been a simple task. Any discussion this season has often been littered with "but what about?...." Here, Matt Wiggins shares his views on the players in contention.

4th May 2017

My Place of Worship

From a school friends party in an executive box to listening to the great Bill Nicholson in his office, 'Henry Hotspur' has had a fairly unique relationship with the club.

3rd May 2017

The Formula for Kings and Legends

What elevates a player to 'legendary' status? Do we have any legends in recent history? Do any of the current squad have what it takes? Tom Float returns to The Fighting Cock to share his views.

2nd May 2017

Power Shift

Now that it's been confirmed we will finish the season above them lot, Sam Marlow looks at what it means and the possibility of a power shift in North London.

28th April 2017

Hate and that

Sunday is a big day. It's time. This isn’t a game of football. This is about identity. This is about good versus scum.

27th April 2017

White Hart Lane Memories: A Home Away From Home

Deciding on a location to spend a gap year before university was easy for Andrew Puopolo. Travelling across the Atlantic, he found a home away from home in White Hart Lane.