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6th March 2012 | Never Mind The B*llocks

It wouldn’t be Spurs…

By Éperons on the forum. One of the things I like about The Fighting Cock is that the phrase “It wouldn’t be Spurs…” does not seem to seep into the podcast much. You usually hear it in the context, “It wouldn’t be Spurs if it were easy” or “…if there weren’t some uncertainty” or “…if there weren’t points dropped along the way”. You’ve all heard it. The phrase gets my goat for two reasons. First, pace Crace and his excellent memoir Vertigo, I don’t think there’s a way in which Spurs fans suffer uniquely. Every team drops points. Every year,... Read more »

27th February 2012 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks

Where I’m at after yesterday

By Benjoss on the forum. Gutted, absolutely gutted. The immediate reaction after over 30 years of being a Spurs supporter is ‘Here we go again…’. They were right those horrible Gooners, they all said that the blip was coming, we’d choke like we always do. But with time and reflection I can honestly say what we witnessed yesterday wasn’t our Spurs from the last 6 months. Therefore I feel the need to post my own rant and in some way deal with the misery I felt yesterday. What stage of grief is this one, Spooky? So you can pick the... Read more »

23rd February 2012 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks

We: The Yid Army

For many years the atmosphere in modern football has been on a steady decline. Sky Sports took over the broadcast rights of top-flight football, the Premier League was formed, and we have seen the type of vocal support, once synonymous with football clubs, suffer ever since. Football had become sterilised, the fan experience less important. The key was money, and making lots of it. Football in England became a commodity, and the fans with it – easily taxable for a chance to see players of ‘world’s most exciting league’ in the flesh. Clubs would hire expensive branding consultants to redesign... Read more »

9th February 2012 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks

Dear Mr Redknapp

Dear Mr Redknapp, I’m writing to you today for a number of reasons. First, I wish to apologise for some of the things I may have said about you in the past. It’s probably best I start at the beginning. When you were appointed as the man to “save us from relegation” I had my doubts. Not that you wouldn’t be able to turn around the performances and results to such a degree that we would be safe fairly quickly, because the team you inherited was in a false position and most managers with half a brain could’ve got us... Read more »

4th February 2012 | Blog

January Transfer Window Round-up

By @SibsTHFC So another transfer window has gone by without ‘the special signing’ that Hazza has so often mentioned. Part of being a Spurs fan is the anticipation and expectancy of greatness, which in the last few years has only set us up for a fall. We were spoilt with signing of Rafa Van der Vaart, and it it has lulled many of us in to staying up past midnight in the hope that sports journalists have missed something and completely out of the blue we will have signed Kaka, Messi or Ronaldinho. The reality is that we should all... Read more »

1st February 2012 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks

I would sell Van der Vaart for £15m would you?

I expect to get plenty of negative rep for this but I’ll say it all the same. It’s a good conversation starter if nothing else. If in the summer we could sell Rafa for £15m I’d do it. This isn’t based on us actively going into the market trying to sell him and I don’t expect for one second anyone to inquire about him (ask yourself why) but let’s just say hypothetically speaking someone did and there was a £15m offer on the table would you sell? By that time he’ll be 29 (and a half), have 2 years left... Read more »

30th January 2012 | Blog, TFC News

Tottenham Ultras: The Fighting Cock Project

16 February 2012 Charlton Athletic v Tottenham Hotspur (FA Youth Cup) 7pm KO [box type=info] – Meet between 4:30pm and 6:00pm at Barrowboy and Banker pub next to London Bridge Station. – £5 at the turnstyle. – West stand lower only. – 7pm kick off We’ve done Botswana. Now we’re planning something a little closer to home. On the 16th February 2012 Tottenham’s youth side take on Charlton at the Valley in the 5th round of the FA Youth Cup. We want them to have a taste of what it might feel like to play for the Spurs first team.... Read more »

24th January 2012 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks

At the end of it all…

Ladies and gentlemen. There’s a war happening. The most complicated war there’s ever likely to be. Its got more sides in it than both world wars combined and yet its battles are fought out in the smallest of areas with the simplest of weapons. There are no alliances. There are no treaties. Some participants are strong, they are in it to win the war. Some are not so strong, they are in it to survive the war. Soldiers switch sides. Weapons are traded. Damage is esoteric. Casualties are abstracted. Attrition is ephemeral. Peace is impossible. The war is happening for... Read more »