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20th March 2012 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks

Confidence is believing

belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities; self-confidence; self-reliance; assurance: His lack of confidence defeated him. The past few weeks have presented the team with their first real test of character. This character has been further questioned with the horrible events of Saturday evening, which, thankfully appear to be progressing positively. Earlier in the season we were a team brimming with the kind of confidence that led to talk of an unlikely title push, fellow teams and peers of Redknapp’s regaling the press with word that we, Tottenham Hotspur are playing the most attractive football throughout the league, something... Read more »

19th March 2012 | Blog, International Spurs

Matt, USA

Responding to the habits of the foreign support towards the beloved lilywhites, as being only a poor student most of my weekends in pursuit of match feeds is through online feeds or going with friends to the “British” pub that are located here in San Antonio, Texas where I currently reside and attend graduate school. My finances are pathetic, but my love of the shirt cannot be measured by any worldly means. When I was working at a Boy Scout camp in New Mexico during the summer 2010, I learned that the mighty Spurs were playing in San Jose, California.... Read more »

18th March 2012 | Blog, International Spurs

Cory, USA

My name is Cory Mizer.. I live in Canton, Ohio, so 5 hours behind you. Match days are kind of an odd experience… Because of the time difference I either have to wake up at 7am or I’m stuck at work in the afternoon, so no two are the same, but weekend matches are when it gets interesting. With no Spurs supporters in the general area I live in, I make an hour drive from the Canton area to Cleveland, Ohio. It’s all highway, but a long trek. I woke up at 6:30am to be up for the North London... Read more »

18th March 2012 | Blog, International Spurs

Alex, UK

Ok so I’m not from Thailand, America or even France (who would want to be?). Im from Woking, Surrey. But I feel my story needs to be heard. I stream every spurs game online because the old man is a man of morals and hates sky with a passion, so refuses point blank to shell out. Every game, 45 minutes before kick off I gather the team news from various news feeds and report the starting lineup to said old man, he is ofcourse the reason I am a spurs fan and I owe him at least a weekly team... Read more »

18th March 2012 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks

tehTrunk – Someone Like Arry

Will he stay? Will he go? Either way he’s done a triffic job… Co-written and produced by tehTrunk and Charlotte ‘Peachy’ Hamilton 2012 Twitter: @tehtrunk @charlottepeachy

17th March 2012 | Blog, International Spurs

D.J. Switzer, USA

Dear sirs of The Fighting Cock: I noticed you’re recent post on the blog where you requested that your international readers describe their Spurs matchday rituals, and seeing as how I fit the billing, I wanted to offer up my routine. As a supporter living in the Northern suburbs of Cincinnati, USA, the manner by which I consume Spurs’ matches is entirely dependent on the time of kick-off and the day of the week. Though Cincinnati is a mid-sized metropolitan city here in the States, we sit in the crux of the conservative-leaning Rust Belt and Southern Bible Belt regions... Read more »

16th March 2012 | Blog, International Spurs

Robert, Australia

Australia is about as far away as you can get from North London. We have warm weather, beaches, strange sports, colorful money, kangaroos and every type of poisonous animal imaginable. In fact, I should probably count myself lucky that I can write this email – I mean, for 22 years of my life I have escaped snakes and spiders on land… and then, don’t forget about the crocodiles and alligators, as well as the Sharks in the water. If they dont get you, the Stingrays or Jellyfish might. But hell, I’ve lived in constant fear of all of the above,... Read more »

16th March 2012 | Blog, International Spurs

Scott, USA

TO THE GODS OF PODCASTING AND LOVERS OF ALL THINGS LILYWHITE, First of all I want to thank you idiots for doing what you do. It means a lot especially for someone that isn’t in the UK to feel the true passion and love for our glorious club. I know I do not have the heritage and background you all have when it comes to worshiping Tottenham Hotspur but I am clamoring to catch up. The podcast gives me some mates to listen to and enjoy some banter and dick jokes about Spurs. I love you guys almost as much... Read more »