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19th December 2011

Look up not down

By thedutchman (@jimboholland) I’m going to start this with a confession. I wanted Arsenal to score at the end of the game against City. In fact, I wouldn’t have minded had they won. Why? Because, simply put this is the best Spurs team I’ve ever seen (supporter since that wonderful April day in ’91) and I don’t think we’ll ever have a better chance of winning this league. I know we might get stronger as a team over the coming years if we nail Champions League football consistently but more to the point is that our rivals in the top... Read more »

19th December 2011

There is a Light that Never Goes Out

By Mike Stevenson (mikeinparma) I think I am finally able to express into words what has been whirring around in my head for a while now regarding our Tottenham Hotspur. You know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you meet a fit girl and you can’t help but smile all day? That’s the generally how I’ve felt for Spurs this season. It’s been on a completely different level to my loving admiration of the last few seasons. A real source of pride over what I’ve watched us build through thick and thin has consumed me.... Read more »

13th December 2011

The Fighting Cock Opus – The Past, Present, and Future

By TrickyCOYS (TrickyChurchill) Throughout the Premier League era, Tottenham Hotspur has been a club renowned for disappointing (and it is important to remember that football began in 1992 when Sky Sports began). In results, player purchases, and league positions, it was only in the past few years that their fortunes began to change, admittedly with the notable blip of ‘2 points in 8 games’ under Juandé Ramos. Being the first team with promise to break the Sky monopoly, sorry, the ‘Big Four’, ensured that Spurs were rocketed into the national spotlight. Their sole appearance in the Champions League was ground... Read more »

12th December 2011

Don’t Panic!

By Sibs (SibsTHFC) Played: 14 Won: 10 Drawn: 1 Lost: 3 Today was not a good day at the office. Poor start in the first half, followed by dominance, failing to put away a couple of clear chances and some highly suspect refereeing decisions, including two clear penalties and a goal ruled out for offside when it wasn’t. It is a shame that the run had to come to an end at Stoke… Stoke of all places, but these things will happen. Despite Flav’s optimism, this wont be the last time we lose this season. However, there is still loads... Read more »

9th December 2011

iPhone App

It’s The Fighting…it’s The Fighting…it’s The Fighting…APP! Immerse yourself into The FC world with a nonchalant tap of your finger and a smug smile. You’ve heard the pod, browsed the website, interacted in the forum and tweeted the re-tweets and hashtags. Now you can do all of that from your iPhone in one slick looking sexy app. Oh yeah. So what have we got for you? [unordered_list style=”tick[/linequote] Easy access to the latest pod downloads + snazzy in-built podcast player Background Playback – you can play the pod whilst checking your mails/browsing/giving us a 5 star rating in itunes The... Read more »

9th December 2011

The Wind of Change

By drwinston001 (drwinston001) Before I start I should explain a little about myself. I’ve been supporting spurs since 1990, so while I’ve been lucky enough to see some very talented players in that time with the likes of Gazza and Lineker, Dozzell and Nethercott, Sheringham and Klinsmann, King and Ginola, I’ve had to endure some of the leaner years in the clubs history. These years of transition have been punctuated with the occasional glimmer of hope with 3 trophies won in that time and the odd run in the league when we didn’t concede a goal for a few games.... Read more »

6th December 2011

Ricky and Flav’s little day out… featuring Clive Allen

Sunday 24th November 2011. For some reason, other than that we’d agreed to attend (we obviously could’ve stayed in bed), we traipsed across London to watch a game between some Sunday League Club called Ivory FC and the Nivea England Legend XI. You might ask ‘why?’. ‘To interview Clive Allen’ we’d answer. For a write up of the event click here. Otherwise click on the play button below to hear the lot. Ricky and Flav’s little day out… featuring Clive Allen

29th November 2011

Tottenham ‘Money Ball’ Hotspur

By Sibs (SibsTHFC) Ok, stick with me on this one, as I know the title of the post implies I’m about to chat away about baseball and maths for a while. For those that aren’t familiar Money Ball is the latest Brad Pitt film that will no doubt win an Oscar or two. It is based on the story of Billy Beane, the General Manager of the Oakland Athletic baseball team. No, I haven’t seen the film, read the book, or claim to have any knowledge of baseball, but I do know the basic premise of the film/story. Beane set... Read more »