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3rd April 2012

5 Reasons Why Kyle Walker Is Spurs’ Player Of The Season

As we approach the final throes of the 2011/12 season, whatever it may bring in the North London title race, thoughts turn to who will inherit Luka Modric’s crown as Tottenham Hotspur’s player of the season. Despite Gareth Bale’s PFA plaudits, the little Croatian thoroughly deserved the honour, leading to a summer of “will he stay or will he go” when Abramovich came sniffing. I feel GB should be denied the trophy this season – although at times he has been the lynchpin of what has made us wonderful at times this season, he has also embodied us at our... Read more »

2nd April 2012


Brand new Spurs supporter from Cincinnati, OH, USA. 31 years of age. I apologize right away for being new, for being a yank and for my use of American English. I played football growing up until my knees were in too poor of shape to continue. I’ve always had love for the game, but until recently my circumstances had made it difficult to follow anything beyond international competitions and MLS. Thankfully all of that has changed. American television networks are making an increased commitment to football, and now I can get pretty much any game that matters on TV at... Read more »

30th March 2012

Clearing the hurdles

If one thing has been made clear by Spurs’ late-season drama, it’s that Tottenham’s impressive starting XI is being propped up by a group of squad players that leaves a lot to be desired. Now don’t get me wrong: the likes of Defoe, Kranjčar, Rose, Livermore and company have performed admirably this season — and at times, even outstandingly. But you’d be pretty hard pressed to find a Spurs supporter out there that wouldn’t at least let out a quiet groan in frustration if he saw any of their names in the first eleven. It’s clear we’ve needed additional depth... Read more »

27th March 2012

Ohtaek, South Korea

Greetings to The Fighting Cock! Hi lads, this is Ohtaek Kwon(read O-TEK) from South Korea, Seoul. Just wanted take part in the International Spurs fans of mystery. I’ve been a YID since 1998 and have lived in England for about 12 years. I’ve visited the Lane 20 times and went to two away games during 2008-2011. I’m also the administrator of an Korean Spurs Fans Forum called “We Are Tottenham: 100% SPURS FANS IN COREA” of Daum Communications. 1,500 members and the numbers are going up like crazy!! (probably about 10 gooner scums and chelsea c*nts sneaked in cos they... Read more »

27th March 2012

James, USA

This is the routine I followed in NYC. Festivities start the night before kickoff. Usually I meet up with Norf, Q, and Trust and we visit our local pub in Brooklyn. We stay there and sexually harass everything with a pulse until we are asked to leave (or one of us pulls) – that usually happens around midnight. We then take the train to China town to visit NYCs best Karaoke bar, Baby Grand, owned by fellow NYSpur, Vid. There we usually run into a few of the other NYSpurs Characters – RoyRadics, Muswell, IrishDave, ThisGuy, NewGuy, Jade, Criszac, and... Read more »

26th March 2012

Poi, China

My name is Poi and I like Tottenham. The last time I got to see my beloved team was the pre-season wembley cup a while back. We lost to Celtic, That was my goodbye, thanks guys, I’m off to China. Since then I’ve spent the last year and a half in China and South East Asia, luckily everyone around here is obsessed with football so it’s always a good talking point. I’ve been trying to think of the most interesting stories of how I’ve kept up with spurs and this is what I have. In order: – Arriving at our... Read more »

26th March 2012

Colin, USA

Hey all, My name’s Colin and I’m from Saint Louis, MO, USA. My routine surrounding watching Spurs hasn’t always been the same but its somewhat interesting (to me at least). I got into the Premier League around 2004 through a high school friend who was a Celtic/Werder Bremen fiend. He suggested I start with English football based on my personality I suppose – intense, fast paced, full of drama but not like Italian drama. I feel stupid for typing that sentence but anyway, one of the first few games I saw was the 4-5 against the scum. Its ridiculous but... Read more »

22nd March 2012

There’s glory in it

By Flav You can’t start writing about White Hart Lane without thinking about what happened to Fabrice Muamba only a few days before. I was at the game and saw it happen. It was grim, and I’ll never forget it. I approached this game against Stoke philosophically. Whatever happened wouldn’t really matter, not really in the grand scheme of things, not when a player’s life is in the balance… but then the whistle went. And I realised, as much as my mind was with Fabrice, there was enough left to once again become entangled in 90mins of Tottenham Hotspur. I... Read more »