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15th August 2016

When echoes become ghosts: Tottenham and Brooklyn

When Scott Mathews-Novelli visited the Lane for the first time, he was struck by the similarities between Brooklyn and Tottenham. This is his wonderful account on the history, the culture, the economics and the pitfalls of chasing the financial dream. Daniel Levy and co, take note.

10th August 2016

The Fighting Cock Predicts: 2016/17

Bastions of knowledge. Merchants of tactics. Seers of the unseen. We are known for knowing the unknown, so along with a few of our close friends we've decided to deliver to you the spoilers for 2016/17. Get it in your head, prepare yourself for the new season and sing for the shirt. COYS.

18th April 2016

Wearing the 90s with pride

Daniel Turner, a child of 90s loves where we are now, no matter what happens in the next few weeks, because he remembers where we were.

18th February 2016

The church of Tottenham

Aaron Wolfe can feel it, you can feel it, even his friend Jonah can feel it. There is something happening here. Welcome to the church of Tottenham.

6th November 2015

It’s bigger than a cup final

The NLD, the clasico of North London. It matters. To think it doesn't is to admit you don't exist.

18th September 2015

1882, thank you

Oscar Stephens-WIllis recounts breaking his 1882 cherry at White Hart Lane watching Spurs dispatch Qarabag,

15th December 2014

Spurs and football used to be fun

Vass Koni has been watching Spurs a long time and there is very little he hasn't seen but how do the modern Spurs brand compare to the club he grew up watching? Has the fun been sucked from the game?