19th December 2018

The end of a beautiful relationship

All good things come to an end, and sometimes, according to Shaun Durkin, you lose your girlfriend to a better man... but it's okay as there are plenty more fish in the sea.

17th December 2018

The thing I love most… it's not racist when I say it, but it is when you do. Jewish Tottenham fan, Mark Solomons goes through the motions once again on the seemingly never ending debate.

17th December 2018

Keeping Tottenham in the family

Michael's niece was born last year, and he's been watching games while holding her in my lap. As she turned one, he looked to my own children, and his responsibility to help raise them as Spurs fans. Here is his inner dialogue that will sensibly guide him through this process one day.

14th December 2018

Is the Camp Nou the worst ground for away fans in Europe?

While the team on the pitch did everything they could to give us something to cheer about, the police and local stewards had other ideas. Is Camp Nou the worst away day in Europe , Mark Solomons argues that it just might be...

27th November 2018

Return of The ‘Feel Good’ Factor

Results this season have largely been good but the performance sometimes lacking. Everything seemed to click into place on Saturday and, if anything, Chelsea got off lightly.

22nd November 2018

Harry Kane: subject to envious hate

As he continues to perform for club and country, rival fans still find a way to criticise him. Kane doesn't care though and neither should we.

9th October 2018

Strange Times Indeed

Its been a strange start to the season and, like most of us, Paul Maslin doesn't know where we will end up. Isn't that why we watch though?

9th September 2018

Tottenham in Europe – The glory, glory nights

Sharing magical moments watching Tottenham under the lights midweek against some of the best in Europe is what it's all about for Sam Marlow.