11th August 2017

New blood needed?

The transfer window is open. Quite possibly the most exciting time for any enthusiastic football fan. You might see your favourite players leave, you may see some of your favourite players join your club and if you’re lucky you may see your rivals get weaker as they lose all of their key players. As a Tottenham fan, we’ve felt all of these emotions. We’ve seen the likes of Bale, Modric, Van der vaart and even Berbatov leave our club. All highly regarded players and masters of their respective positions. We’ve seen new talent join and make a lasting impression. such... Read more »

9th August 2017

Christian Eriksen 2.0

Is Christian Eriksen our most important player? James Harris has a look at our Danish Dynamite and his growing influence at the club.

5th August 2017

Turning Point Missed?

With the start of the season just a week away and no new players brought in yet, Nick Higginson wonders if we've failed to make the best of our opportunities.

4th August 2017

Walking the walk

Vass has something he needs to say to Kyle Walker, something that's been bothering him since the fullback left for money/ambition/trophies/personal reasons.

3rd August 2017

Consistency is key

The "relentlessly optimistic" Bruno Vedrickas lets us know why we should all be confident about the coming season.

26th July 2017

Eric Dier Loves Me

With transfer rumours lingering around another of our talented young players, Fred Kavanagh pens his thoughts on Eric Dier and what he means to Spurs.

19th July 2017

Time to panic?

Sam Marlow looks at the emotional reaction to Spurs' lack of business this window. Should we panic, or is everything under control? Do we need to go and make a statement or should we trust in the management of the club?