25th August 2016

Tottenham’s Two Striker Approach

After spending last season with one recognised striker, we now have two more than capable of leading the line. Dan Grimes takes a tactical look at our new options up-front.

23rd August 2016

What do we know about Munir?

ThinkSpurs returns and takes a look at Munir, the latest player to be linked with a move to White Hart Lane.

19th August 2016

The question of time and Eriksen

A lot of time has passed since Eriksen arrived at Spurs. The club has changed, the team and our expectations, but has our Danish playmaker? Questions are starting to be asked about his worth, how much we need him and where should he play? It's time for Eriksen to show us.

16th August 2016

Black box tipping the apple cart

Could Paul Mitchell's departure be the first crack in this new version of Tottenham, or is it just one man leaving a job for personal reasons? Vass has a look at the situation.

15th August 2016

Clause for concern

As rumours surface that Christian Eriksen is demanding a new deal worth £150k/week to stay at Tottenham, ThinkSpurs makes his debut on The Fighting Cock by discussing the crazy world that is football finance.

15th August 2016

When echoes become ghosts: Tottenham and Brooklyn

When Scott Mathews-Novelli visited the Lane for the first time, he was struck by the similarities between Brooklyn and Tottenham. This is his wonderful account on the history, the culture, the economics and the pitfalls of chasing the financial dream. Daniel Levy and co, take note.

11th August 2016

Bound for the reload with a little bit of luck

The summer of 2016 isn't the first broken summer I've endured. My first solo break of my teens, Ayia Napa 1998, taught me how to deal with disappointment in the long summer months. This season though, with the campaign about to start, something feels different. We've grown up, we've matured, we become a serious football club, there'll be no more mistakes, but if there are, they be glorious in their own way.