29th August 2019 | Articles, Blog

Reasons to be cheerful

One loss is all it took for conspiracies of major breakdowns behind-the-scenes and for Davinson Sanchez’s career to be cancelled. One loss to lose faith in the magic man at the helm.

27th August 2019 | Articles, Blog

Premier League Blues

I applaud Poch's conclusion that he must regenerate, revitalise, reconstitute. Whatever "re" word you want to use. He knows the truth better than all of us.

23rd August 2019 | Articles, Blog


The problem with VAR at the moment is the balance of decision making. It's predicated towards disallowing goals and favouring defensive decisions.

19th August 2019 | Articles, Blog

Near and VAR

Football is a game that has continually evolved. However, despite the changes and amendments, the fundamental principle remains the same. The team that scores the most goals wins. Goals decide matches. This is why they’re the most difficult part of the game and why the greatest players are always judged to be those at the other end of the pitch. Goals change games and lives. The weight of a goal is why football changes. They’re too important to be left to chance or individual opinion. Goals are why football, centuries after it was first played, continues to be changed. Football... Read more »

4th August 2019 | Articles, Blog

The Bald & The Beautiful

The twitter spat recently had some reactions thinking that this campaign would change the whole outlook of the club

3rd August 2019 | Articles, Blog

The Inbetweener

The recent #BackPoch hashtag has only made it worse, entrenching both camps even deeper in their views