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14th June 2019

The Hero We Don’t Deserve

Those who consider Kane dispensable to Tottenham, whether it be a fleeting thought or a full-formed opinion, not only emit a complete lack of understanding of the game but a limited understanding of life

14th June 2019

A tribute to Justin Edinburgh

While many Spurs fans may not remember the 90s with much fondness, the club won two major footballing honours: the FA Cup in 1991 and the League Cup in 1999. And Edinburgh was the only player to win both

11th June 2019

My Huckleberry Friend

The end of the 2018/19 season feels very much like the end of a (really long) chapter. It feels like somehow we just might have finally smashed the glass ceiling. In truth we haven’t played our best football all season. We’ve appeared at times to be playing within ourselves. But with the new stadium and that amazing CL campaign behind us, it feels like something has changed forever. It’s understandable to be disappointed after the CL final and to forget that it wasn’t that long ago when the most exciting thing about being a Spurs fan was whether we’d be in the... Read more »

6th June 2019

To be continued…

This was not the grand finale and the game didn’t really reflect either side’s glorious runs. The Champions League was a bit ‘Game of Thrones’, the conclusion couldn’t really top or do justice to the whole saga.

5th June 2019

One hand on the trophy

Consider this. We were always a hairs breath away from going out. We lived the whole journey on a knife edge

3rd June 2019

Digging your soul

Belonging means forgiving. Tottenham should really be this ultimate singularity of pride and identity. The club is the support it gets. THFC is the fanbase. We’re the blood running through what would be an empty vessel of bones without us all binding the fleshy bits together.

3rd June 2019

Pride and Prejudice

Was anybody really surprised by what happened? A dubious penalty decision. Check. VAR isn’t on our side anymore. Check. We were the better team. Check