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8th October 2019 | Never Mind The B*llocks, Think Piece


What is his tragic flaw? Is it like Julius Caesar’s hubris at not being able to see his own friends wanting to stab him, or Othello being blinded by jealousy of his beautiful wife, or even Lear’s comically foolish arrogance. Was this the mechanism of our downfall?

6th October 2019 | Never Mind The B*llocks, The Monday Hangover

The THFC Survival Guide

If it's stick how do we get back to some resemblance of our former self? We don't. The past is done and this team at its very core needs to be disbanded and reinvented...

4th October 2019 | Never Mind The B*llocks, Think Piece

The Guy Behind

Hundreds of players and managers have come and gone since then, and I’ve sat and stood in many a stand in many a ground, but TGB has remained a constant part of the matchgoing experience.

4th October 2019 | Never Mind The B*llocks

Not just yet – Pochettino is not going anywhere. Right?

Surrendering is profoundly anti-Poch behaviour. The future is now a journey into the unknown. What will happen next?

3rd October 2019 | Never Mind The B*llocks, Think Piece

The 7 (Seven) Stages of Grief

The defeat was a crushing one. The way the players just gave up was as good as telling the world, we don't care enough to play for the manager anymore.

2nd October 2019 | Never Mind The B*llocks, Think Piece

Under the lights

Losing football matches is a regular occurrence, but a capitulation is warning that something is fundamentally flawed

30th September 2019 | Five Statements, Never Mind The B*llocks, Top Reads

Are you high? Give me five

Five Statements. Have your say on the main talking points from our weekend game.

30th September 2019 | Match Review, Never Mind The B*llocks

Poch has got this

We displayed an impressive mentality considering how fragile we’ve been. So that mettle is testament to the teams unity. You know, because according to some, Poch has lost the dressing room.