Another Ankle Injury – Another Season Missing Kane?

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Tottenham Hotspur seized the glorious victory in the Champions League quarterfinal game against Manchester City on their brand new stadium on Tuesday night thanks to a top-notch late winner struck by Son Heung-min. It was the silver lining, and now comes the cloud. The pure triumph was taken away from the Spurs as they lost their captain, Harry Kane, to an ankle injury. The 25-year-old went down after a rough collision with Fabian Delph and left the White Hart on crutches and wearing a protective boot. The Tottenham Hotspur’s manager Mauricio Pochettino was sad to admit that Kane’s ankle problem had a sustained and repeating nature and might well mean season-ending for the Tottenham’s star striker.

Soon after the game, Kane tweeted, ‘Gutted to go off injured but every setback is a chance to come back stronger than ever… Big finish from the boys to go on and win.’ Now that England captain is off for a treatment, which may take weeks and weeks, he has enough time to support his team through social media or, if Twitter is not enough, maybe even create his own supportive website (using a sports website builder).

How is Tottenham Hotspur going to cope without Kane?

Kane, whose score is 24 goals this season, is optimistically hoping to be back for the country’s Nations League semi-final. However, Pochettino is concerned as the injury that happened to Kane on Tuesday reminded him of the striker’s previous ankle injury (ligament damage) he got during the match against Manchester United in January 2019. It was on the same left leg and, worryingly for the Hotspurs, kept Kane out for 6 weeks. This time, the domestic season doesn’t have so much time for Kane to bounce back.

‘Very sad, very disappointed, and it’s going to be tough for the rest of the season,’ Pochettino commented on the situation. ‘We hope it’s not a big issue but there’s not much time to recover.’

Captain’s had 3 layoffs within his football career, and all of them were caused by an ankle injury. The first injury (scans proved ligament damage) he got during a match against Sunderland in September 2016 left the Spurs without a captain for seven weeks. Fortunately, for all of us, neither of his layoffs negatively affected Tottenham’s track record. Last time Kane was out because of his leg injury, Tottenham Hotspurs won four of the league matches and the Champions League first leg thanks to four goals contributed by Son Heung-min.

Jan Vertonghen, the Spurs’ defender said to CNN that ‘Sonny’ is a reliable substitute in time of Kane’s absence; everyone is ‘counting on’ him, so fans don’t need to worry. ‘Everyone needs to step up like we did before. We won all of our Premier League games without Harry [last time] and hopefully we can do it again,’ he said.

Pochetino, who might have to play this season without his talisman striker, is concerned over the role of Kane in the future games due to the pitiful succession of injuries the player suffers from again and again. ‘It’s a worry for us,’ he mentioned after the match. ‘We are going to miss him – maybe for the rest of the season.’

The match was unlucky for another player from the Tottenham’s star trio, Dele Ali, who injured his wrist in a clash against Manchester City.

Worries aside, with the 1-0 lead over Manchester City, the Spurs are getting ready to crash the City again in the return leg next week.




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