Pochettino: An echo of glory

by James Forster

Pochettino has done more than enough to embody the spirit of Bill Nicholson, James Forster explains why our Argentine manager will not only stay at Tottenham, but deliver everything we could dream of

At the helm of Spurs over the past four and a half years, the congruence between Pochettino and Tottenham Hotspur’s mantra, values and identity is unique and special.

Pochettino embodies the club’s To Dare is To Do mentality. Quoted recently in the press, the Argentine strongly affirmed that his ambitions in North London are to win the Premier League or Champions League, not being content on winning the FA Cup or the League Cup with a mid table finish.

“My ambition is to win the Champions League with Tottenham or the Premier League. That’s what puts you in a different level.”

This ambition for the highest success has catapulted Tottenham to top three finishes for the past three seasons. It has become the norm, one which used to seem a distant hope to finish in the Champions League top four spots. Many fans, including myself used to look back on the 2009/10 season in nostalgia, where we finished fourth. “Oh to go back to those days under Harry” was a thought commonly held amongst the Spurs faithful as we coughed and spluttered under the management of Andre Villas Boas and Tim Sherwood.

The famous quote from Bill Nicholson once more rings true in North London.

“It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we of Spurs have set our sights very high, so high in fact that even failure will have in it an echo of glory.”

This mentality is encapsulated by Pochettino’s management and desire to strive for the Premier League and Champions League. Yes, he hasn’t won a trophy yet, however, we have become a mainstay in the top four which has provided us with some unforgettable European nights and experience playing against European giants such as Barcelona and Real Madrid – an echo of glory? I think so.

These echoes of glory have not gone unnoticed, as shown by Manchester United’s clearly displayed interest in our manager.

The challenge for the club is to now match Pochettino’s fantastic ambition for this team, his team. Levy must back Pochettino, and give him the players he needs to reach these lofty dreams we hold. All stakeholders, from the board to the fans alike crave success, a success that the Premier League or a long run in the Champions League can sustain.

I vehemently believe that Pochettino will stay at the club, as long as he is backed with the tools needed to accomplish his project. We have shown at our best that we truly can be formidable, enough to beat anyone. The consistency in the big games is what must now come next, as well as adequate support from the whole club to put weight behind Pochettino’s dreams of long term success.

If we can win the Carabao or FA Cup in the process, that is a start and it is vitally important we win trophies; however, it is vital that we do all we can to align our ambition with Pochettino to keep him with us – he’s the right man for the job and will be extremely hard to replace. He believes this team are good enough for the highest honours, so why shouldn’t we?

With Pochettino still at the helm, not only will we experience the echoes of glory, but backed, Pochettino is the right man to lead this famous club into a glory era, all doing it the right way, the Tottenham way.


James Forster

Tottenham, born and bred


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