This is why the media are desperate for Poch to join United

by Gozzy

Despite the claim that they're merely reporting the news, the media seem desperate for Pochettino to join Manchester United. Gozzy gives us a theory as to why...

Mauricio Pochettino is the new manager of Manchester United after agreeing to leave Tottenham Hotspur earlier today.

That’s the headline the Rupert Murdoch dominated media seem to be craving. The frenzy for this scenario to manifest seems to be in hyperdrive at the moment.

And I find myself asking why? Why are Sky Sports and their fellow Premiership power base media so desperate to see Pochettino take the reigns at Old Trafford?

For me it’s borderline embedded corruption. In the same way I felt the shocking decisions we were on the rough end of in away games there in the 00s, ‘Fergie time’ against other opposition, the favouritism for United runs way deep.

I look to how business at the highest levels to answer just why this is.

Sky and Manchester United have been partners since the inception of the Premier League in the early 90s. Of course United lived up to their end of the bargain with an absolute legend of a manager delivering success after success and as time went on that relationship will have become cosy. Very cosy.

Golf course events amongst Sky & United senior management; awards dinners and events for best media ‘product’ largely unnoticed by your average football fan; marketing awards; commercial deals; insurance deals with mates in the City (I KNOW this happened); car parking spaces and hospitality at Old Trafford for that week’s ‘Super Sunday’ fixture; additional access to the club for interviews; all built up over 25+ years of partnership.

And then obviously the profit that follows from that.

A LOT of people would have got very rich from that relationship. Like agency/consultancy formation/owning and retirement kind of rich.

If you didn’t need me to tell you, 25 years is a quarter of a century; a third of an average life; a generation. It’s a long old time.

A form of business & social nepotism becomes embedded and entrenched. Manchester United being successful and at the top table is the norm and keeps people making money.

I recall reading about the Italian football and Juventus scandal in the 00s and it was very similar. Favour was gained from referees and officials by the omnipotent threat of being ostracised by the most successful club in the country.

How does this relate to the United & Pochettino situation?

Because in one foul swoop United can take a huge step towards ejecting Spurs from their place in the top 4 by taking their coach and putting them ‘back in their place’. It’s genius when you think about it.

I fancy United would have consulted Sky when they got Mourinho in. “What the fuck do we do now guys? Went with Van Gaal which didn’t work, had to go with Fergie’s recommendation in Moyes. Now what?”

Mourinho is Sky click bait and to be fair generally delivers trophies as long as the odds are stacked hugely in his favour.

I’m absolutely certain United would have talked to Sky about Mourinho’s appointment and the latter would have endorsed it, they had indeed been pushing it for a long old time.

And now they’ve decided Pochettino fits the United story and narrative, not only to restore them to former glories but at the same time striking a massive blow to a big rival for a regular top 4 finish.

The Murdoch owned media are all over it and it’s all business.

And there’s fuck all we can do about it apart from hoping Pochettino sees things a little differently and enjoys trying to upset the apple cart through genuine ingenuity and endeavour – and keeping the rich rich and the poor poor (well in the Europa League spots like Woolwich) becomes less of a thing for Sky and their bedfellows as time goes on.



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