Proving the Doubters Wrong: Spurs’ Chances for Premier League Glory

by Adam Grimshaw


For three seasons on the bounce Spurs have sealed a top four finish in the Premier League, and yet the doubters still don’t take Spurs’ chances of winning it as seriously and they should. Here’s why they’re wrong. If you are looking to bet on Spurs this campaign, be sure to check out the best betting tips out there.

Mauricio Pochettino

Since Mauricio Pochettino was installed as Spurs manager at tail end of the 2013-2014 season things have finally been moving in the right direction. Finally a semblance of calm and longevity has been brought to the gaffer’s seat at Spurs.

Pochettino has proven himself a dynamic and progressive tactical thinker. His ability to adapt his squad to the rigours of the most difficult domestic league in the world while matching up to Europe’s best in the Champions League speaks for itself.

Building a team

Many have scoffed at the lack of signings that Tottenham made during the summer transfer window. It shows that the prevailing trend amongst club managers, and the overarching philosophy from football fans to pundits alike, dictates that a club’s success off the pitch should be measured by how many signings they can make in the transfer windows. It’s simply not true.

This Galactico chauvinism in the transfer market has permeated Premier League football at every level, from Jose Mourinho’s whingeing at a lack of defensive options, to Everton forking out an alarming £50 million for Richarlison.

What Spurs have demonstrated this summer is a measure of composure, and a belief that if the player or price isn’t right, it’s better to stick to have you have, and to build on what you’ve got.


It’s consistency that matters, both on and off the pitch. And it isn’t just consistency in the squad that we’re seeing, but sealing Pochettino’s signature for another five years is perhaps the most important move for the future. The manager has a vision and now he has the time he needs to continue to implement it. Y

It doesn’t just stop there though. As we’ve already mentioned, Spurs have finished in the top four of the Premier League for the last three seasons. True they haven’t picked up silverware yet, but it shows that a mentality of progress is being instilled in the players, and the club as a whole.

Battling the big boys

Nobody said it was going to be easy, and the boys will have to tighten up their game if they’re going to make that final push for the title. While sincere efforts are being made to pick up the points against top table rivals, slip ups like against Watford need to be avoided. If they can manage that they have as good a chance as anyone. Don’t forget to compare the best UK betting sites and betting offers before betting on Spurs this campaign.


Adam Grimshaw


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