HSBC Pulls Out From Stadium Naming Rights Negotiation

by Rik


Tottenham’s new stadium’s naming rights are up for grabs, as negotiations continue in the quest to find a sponsor. HSBC has recently pulled out from the deal, leaving the Hotspur’s management looking for a valuable alternative.

It could be a major setback for the team, whose new stadium has reportedly cost £1 billion. The negotiation was led, on the bank’s side, by the Chairman himself, Mark Tucker, whose impossibility to make a deal with Daniel Levy might mean the Hotspur’s Stadium will be simply known as that, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, until a replacement is found.

The Stadium was set to be inaugurated on November 24th, against Chelsea, but might now be closed all the way to December 15th, for the less exciting game against Burnley.

The Hotspurs are currently playing at Wembley Stadium, exception made for the Carabao Cup match against Watford set to be played at Milton Keynes Dons’ Stadium. All the Champion League’s matches are also set to be played at Wembley Stadium.

The Hotspurs got off to a decent start, with three wins and a loss against Watford. Watford’s got off to an impressive start of season, while Tottenham also earned a convincing 3-0 win against Manchester United, proving the team’s ambitions.

Premier League will be back from the break on September 15th, with Tottenham playing Liverpool, at Wembley Stadium. It’s a very important match against one of the top contenders for the championship, and will be essential to judge the team’s ambitions and performances.

Football betting providers and agencies are calling it close, with Liverpool being slightly favoured against the Hotspurs, despite the home advantage. Liverpool has won all four matches it played so far, but never clashed with a top contender. It will also be a test for the Reds who still have to prove their worth despite being first in the standings, having scored nine goals and only conceding one because of Alisson embarrassing howler against Leicester




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