Spurs New Stadium Pricing Has Been Revealed and Lots of Reactions Have Followed It

by Alex


An explanation of the reactions that have bedeviled the recent revelation of what the Tottenham Hotspurs fans and season ticket holders will pay in Spurs new stadium for the next season.

It should be noted that the English Premier League team known as Tottenham Hotspurs left their old stadium named the White Hart Lane when the 2016-2017 English football season expired. They have been playing at the Wembley Stadium, which is the biggest English national stadium, waiting for the expansion construction work that is ongoing at the White Hart Lane to be completed. However, last week, the Spurs new stadium news was released, and it revealed the Spurs new stadium tickets pricing. This is expected to take effect when they move into the new stadium next season. Needless to say that the reaction to the perceived increments in the price of the tickets for Spurs new stadium has been negative.

The History of Costly Tickets

The Arsenal football club has been the team with the costliest season tickets for a very long time. Many people have questioned what Arsenal is actually doing as a club that makes people pay more to watch their games. This is against teams like Chelsea and Manchester City, with better records in the past few years and yet with season tickets prices that have remained below that of Arsenal. However, Spurs is now set to top that record and get their fans to pay more to be able to view games at the Spurs new stadium. This move to get more money through their 62,000 capacity stadium will make Spurs the most expensive club to hold their ticket in Britain. It will take effect when games resume at the Spurs new stadium for the 2018-19 campaign.

The Spurs New Stadium Full Tickets Pricing

Now, whether you are playing real pokies because the game is no longer interesting or because the team is winning, the funds to be mentioned below are what you have to pay. You must do it to get into the Spurs new stadium when it is done by late 2018. The new season ticket ranges from £795 to £2,200. Some parts of the Spurs new arena will be cheap while other parts will be very expensive.

With the £2,200 Spurs new stadium tickets, the fans will get access to the 1882 plus scheme. This will involve complimentary food and drink for the fans whenever they come in to watch games, plus access to the club’s exclusive bar.

For the cheapest Spurs new stadium season ticket, adults will have to pay £795, young adults of 18 to 21 years old will pay £595, while kids and seniors will pay about £397.50.

It should be noted that according to the Spurs new stadium news, the southern end of the Spurs new stadium is even more expensive. Here, the cheapest ticket will cost £875, while the costliest is the same as in all other areas of the stadium at the rate of £1,995. But again, the southern end also has the £2,200 tickets according to the Spurs 1882 season ticket plus scheme. This will also allow the holders to have food and drinks and use the exclusive bar.

A look at the prices reveals that the Spurs new stadium tickets price is actually a departure from what it currently charges at the Wembley Stadium. People currently pay around £645. But the club is positing that they have improved the new stadium on all angles, with up to 60 food and drink outlets and a Goal Line Bar of about 65 meters. This is the longest bar in the entire country and it will offer completely cashless services.

Fans Reaction to the Spurs New Stadium Tickets

It seems that the explanations given by the board are not sinking, because the majority of the fans are protesting the new Spurs season tickets pricing. The first criticism of the Spurs new stadium ticket pricing comes from the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust. According to them, the prices are too high. This was contained in their official statement in response to the Spurs stadium news. For them, the Spurs had the chance to use the new pricing to deepen the relationship with the fans and to focus on growing the future of sports in general.

They talked about the fact that they were given the headiness before the official release and the content looked good. At that time, the cheapest prices and the most expensive seemed similar to what was obtainable at the old stadium. But it seems they were deceived, as a critical look at the document reveals something else.

For the Spurs Supporters’ Trust spokesperson, the result of the new pricing is that some of the fans will have to experience up to 50, 40, and 25 percent increment in their usual seating positions. This is due to the increased season tickets cost according to the new Spurs stadium ticket prices. The tickets will be out of reach for many fans even when you consider the improvements on the facilities in the Spurs new stadium. They are also saying that it will make many fans consider their seating options again and will lead to some groups that have sat together before dispersing into different places. For spokesperson of the Spurs Supporters’ Trust, the 15 different price points make the system complex, so when it seems cheap, it is indeed very costly.

At last, he said that they are already getting calls from the fans who are complaining that they can’t afford the Spurs new stadium ticket prices. So, for them, it is a missed opportunity to support the club.




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