We need to talk about City

by Sam Boroudjou

Manchester City were the much better team but Sam Boroudjou is fearful for what this result means.

It’s time to breathe. Sit back, consolidate and re-evaluate. It’s the Monday after a heavy weekend and a lot of us are still stinging.

A game analysis would be pointless, we all saw what happened and we all saw our struggle against what is potentially the best team on the face of the Earth currently. We suck it up, we move on, we take the jabs from other fans and we look onward and upwards. What it is important to analyse however, is how we got here. How a team draped in the luxurious visage of rancid cash has usurped the once unpredictable English game, what it means and what comes next.

Manchester City were, at times, frankly unplayable. Despite a good showing at the start of the second half, once that second goal went in, we had no recourse other than to attack full throttle and when that happens, a team like City will bend you over and f**k you till your eyes pop out. We went out there looking to attack City. Our injury issues and lack of depth made an approach of defensively soaking up pressure and launching on the counter like we did against Dortmund and Madrid impossible. The defeat makes me sad, but not in the usual way it does when Spurs lose. Rather, in the sense that I am fearful for what the result means.

Chelsea have been, for the last decade, the most successful team in English football. With ill-gotten money they took control and revitalised themselves as a top European club: but they never looked this good. The City team we saw last night is young, hungry and bursting with talent. It’s a squad that could dominate the Premier League for years to come. Tell a City fan prior to 2008 this and they wouldn’t believe you. Because the way in which they’ve achieved this is, frankly, unbelievable.

It’s a squad that could dominate the Premier League for years to come. Tell a City fan prior to 2008 this and they wouldn’t believe you.

We have allowed money, soaked in blood, to buy the league and potentially do so for years to come. All the pundits clap and talk about how great City are, the journos write articles detailing their meteoric rise and their sensational ability. But no one in the public sphere discusses how they got to this point. Not by earning it, like Liverpool and United have done in the past, but by throwing money at their problems until they go away. Give any team the money Manchester City have and they will have a similar world-beating force. They have spent more on fullbacks in one transfer window, than we did on the entirety of our starting XI. They can hide from the pundits behind a guise of beautiful football, while they kill the game in this country and s**t cold cash into its gaping, corporeal mouth.

I am sad for us. I am sad for Spurs. For the last two years we have been so close. One trophy in the last two decades has left fans feeling starved. We’re not in such dire straits as the likes of Newcastle for example, but our position as a historically big club lends itself to criticism when we aren’t winning the treble every year, as it does for every other team in the top 6.

We have had great moments, wondrous feelings and glory glory nights watching our team. We have gone about things the right way with (sometimes) smart signings, great man management and good football along the way. But I fear we have been shafted.

Before this season we were the best side in England on average for the last two years, and last season a points total that would have won us the premier league for nearly half the years it has existed. We have waited and been patient, we have been calm and self deprecating and we have finally built something that can get us there. Perhaps if we were at White Hart Lane right now, where we were unbeaten last season, perhaps if we didn’t have so many injuries, perhaps if teams weren’t allowed to buy success, we could have done so much more in the last two years.

And now the moaners come. We have all seen them. People suggesting Poch has actually never been a good manager and has just benefited from a good squad. Or that we were never that great, the rest of the league was just terrible. Well I say to those fans, quite simply: f**k off.

I am sad for us. I am sad for Spurs.

The squad you compliment is one that he assembled. It was only two months ago we were praising his tactical masterclass against Liverpool. And if we were only good because the rest of the league was awful, then it must be a huge fluke that we pumped Madrid and dunked Dortmund.

Pochettino has done more wondrous things at this club than any manager we’ve had since I was born. We have a rough patch, and lose to potentially the best side on Earth and suddenly, he’s unfit to manage us? What a joke.

The moneyed influence in the league means that against United, City and Chelsea, anyone who plays them starts with ten men. Sport is supposed to be a meritocracy. Football is supposed to be about genius and talent and class and ferocity. Not buying results and chucking managers when they can’t compete in a rigged contest.

City are better than us. No doubt. But give us their money and we’re better than them. You can’t chuck out the baby with the bathwater, especially not a baby as lovely and important as Poch.

We’re Spurs, we’ve been through worse, we’ll go through worse and we need some perspective. This is not the time to lose hope and not the time to laud a City team that have purchased their power. Let us never let their fans forget that they are where they are because of the atrocious actions of their owner and that their success is not only bought, but bought with money that might as well have been used to crush puppies.

Never let them forget what they are.

And never forget what we are.

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Sam Boroudjou

A fan lucky enough to go to uni, but unlucky enough to be miles away from Spurs.


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