Consistency is key

by Bruno Vedrickas

The "relentlessly optimistic" Bruno Vedrickas lets us know why we should all be confident about the coming season.

As the start of the season draws closer and we prepare for what we expect to be another season of heights few of us have lived through as Spurs’ fans, there is a lot to be excited about – even though it may not seem so upon a first glance. The squad we all know and love is filled with an array of creative and physical talent that will surely further cement us in the Premier league elite and maybe even lead us on assault across Europe, most of us so desperately crave. Of course we have the Wembley “issue” (blah blah) but I am very confident that, come May of 2018, we will be right in and around the top crop and challenging once again for the illustrious title…and here’s why:

The main reason is that the majority of our first 11 is still at an age where they get better as each game passes. Of course we have Onomah and Winks who are seeing more game time and improving because of it but, for me, the main improvement will come from Ali, Kane, Dier, Eriksen, and Son. These 5 are still so young in their footballing lives and have pretty much all had better seasons every year since they started playing for Spurs. The front 4, in particular, as they continue to link up more and develop as footballers themselves can only get better in this coming season.

The majority of our first 11 is still at an age where they get better as each game passes

Another factor as to why we should be excited is the growing influence of the two I mentioned in the previous paragraph; Onomah and Winks. Winks, before his injury, was already starting to become a semi-regular feature for us (particularly off the bench) and impressed on all accounts. He is someone that could really come into his own this year and become a replacement alongside Wanyama when Dembele is (inevitably) unfit. Onomah, off the back of a great summer, has been very involved in pre-season and is another who needs this season to be a kind of ‘break through’ for him in order to challenge for a place in the team. His issue may be that him and Winks both play in that midfield spot alongside Wanyama, so even when Dembele is out, he might not see the game time he requires to grow.

The Trippier and Walker scenario is one that I believe is a bit of an issue for the coming season. Yes, Trippier is the better crosser, of course he is, Walker’s delivery has always been questionable. But in just about every other department, Walker is the better player and his pace allowed us to stretch the game and transition play so quickly. I just don’t think we will be able to do so in the same way with Trippier. Unless we bring in someone that is a bit more athletic, we could struggle a bit in that area this season. However, we have 50 odd million pounds in the bank to strengthen. Now, I may be among the minority in thinking this, but I am relatively glad that we aren’t spending irrationally this summer. We have such a strong squad, I don’t want us to sign for the sake of it. Another wing-back to directly replace Walker and compete with Trippier and I’d be happy.

Surely we will see Lamela back at some point soon. It doesn’t matter what has been the problem or what he has done, I just want to see him fit and in a Spurs shirt again. I do think there’s been a bit of an ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ attitude regarding the fiery wide man and he won’t set the world alight or become our player of the year in the season to come, but it was clear to see how well he was playing before he disappeared. Having Lamela’s energy come off the bench at any point this season would surely lift us and give us that extra dimension we did sometimes lack in the season just gone.

We have such a strong squad, I don’t want us to sign for the sake of it

The final reason to be excited this year is a youngster that we have all been hearing about and hyping up too much in the last 2 years, Marcus Edwards. In light of him signing a full time contract with us recently, I’d love to see him get some game time this year. I’m sure he too will take time to settle into the first team but, from what I hear about him already, he may even be able to add a little bit of much needed depth to our squad going into this season upon which we will once again be competing on all fronts.

I have regularly been dismissed by my fellow Spurs fans as being relentlessly optimistic but there is a reason that top football teams all of the world are longingly searching for, and usually failing to find, something that we do have… consistency. Consistency allows players and playing styles to grow and develop alike, something that I believe will be key going into the new season.


Bruno Vedrickas

I'm a 25 year old season ticket holder that spends far too much time delving into Spurs-related activities.


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