1882: Tottenham v Arsenal

by The Fighting Cock

1882 returns to White Hart Lane and youth team football this Friday 28th March. 7pm kick off. Blocks 13 to 16 of West Stand

The 1882 arrived in earnest at Underhill just under a year ago. It was up there with one of the greatest moments that many in attendance had had following our beloved football club. The game didn’t mean anything on any competitive level, we sat pretty at the top of the U21 Premier League, but no club really took or indeed take it seriously. On that day two things drew the 1350 fans to Barnet to watch us win one nil. Firstly, obviously, it was Tottenham, the lilywhite shirt. But it was also 1882.


We pushed it on The Fighting Cock podcast as much as we could, months in advance. Given the fact that it was probably the last time any of us would stand on terracing that was once commonplace throughout football only added to the draw of the tie. We fell in love with that little stadium, and it was perhaps apt that two clubs barely affiliated with Barnet gave it a send off second to only what the Barnet fans could do. They now play somewhere in Edgware.

This Friday, at White Hart Lane, we get to do it again. If you’re reading this and it’s past 5pm on Thursday then you’re out of luck as it’s tickets only and that was the deadline. That said get in touch with us @lovetheshirt on twitter if you’re fancy singing your heart out for 90mins, there will be a few tickets flying around.

It’s difficult to know how many are coming to this, but we have four blocks allocated to 1882. Anything upwards of 800 would be a decent turnout and the noise will be notable regardless. Any atmosphere should be supplemented by the fact that Arsenal are bringing their own brand of passion. For all the abuse they’re given about the state of their home support their away following has always been decent and Friday night will be no different.

So if you’ve never been involved in 1882, or are unsure whether it’s for you come down to White Hart Lane on Friday and sample a bit. Even if the worst happens and Spurs lose, you’ll experience escapism that should be the crux of following your club.


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