1882 update + Anji and West Ham

by The Fighting Cock

Anji When: 12 December 2013 - 20:05pm Where: White Hart Lane - Block 35

Thanks again for the fantastic effort put in against Hull last week. It was a brilliant atmosphere and an experience that will long be remembered by those who were there. It was especially pleasing that the press seemed to pick up on that and at long last there was positive news stories written about the supporters of Tottenham Hotspur.


For The Europa League game against Anji 1882 movement will be in block 35. The game takes place on 12 December and kick off is 20:05. Tickets go on sale today (6th November) to members and are priced at £20.

Block 35

article-0-1916773000000578-295_634x435In fact all games that 1882 plan to attend will now be in block 35. This is in part due to the fact that Block J, East Upper has essentially become unusable given the speed in which the ‘movement’ has grown. Although Block 35, in terms of ticket availability due to the popularity of the block, makes things a little more tricky, the fact that it’s a lower tier means that it’s altogether safer. Given that the lower tier of the Park Lane and the closest blocks in the Shelf are traditionally the source of atmosphere at The Lane, it’s apt that 1882 becomes a part of that permanently. In fact the more normal 1882 becomes as a part of the atmosphere at the ground the less relevant 1882 will become. That’s the ultimate aim.

Sheriff this Thursday

There’s a few things we’ve been asked to pass on:

• Persistent standing isn’t allowed. 1882 isn’t given an allowance to stand no more than any other area of the stadium, or any other ground in England. As ever you risk ejection from the stadium.
• Please keep the gangways clear, stewards are tasked to ensure supporters stay in their respective seats.
• Please do not be abusive to stewards. They’re doing what is asked of them.
• Ticker tape is seen as a prohibited item because of increased fire risk.
• Pyrotechnics are prohibited, and if found on a supporter, even around the stadium, it could lead to arrest, banning, and possibly a prison sentence.
• Finally please remain in the seats you’ve bought during the game. Ticket migration can lead to overcrowding and is seen as a safety risk.

West Ham

Unfortunately the quarter final of the League Cup game will not be a game that 1882 will officially attend. Block 35 is given to their fans due to increase ticket allocation obligation for cup matches. As Block J is no longer an option this leaves no suitable blocks left to us. There’s lots of reasons why this is the case, too many to go into detail here.

If anyone has any questions about anything in this article tweet us @lovetheshirt.


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