1882 movement: smokebomb/pyro reaction

by The Fighting Cock


Since the smoke bomb incident at Villa Park it has been suggested that the 1882 movement was involved in some way. This is, categorically, untrue. The 1882 movement is simply a way for likeminded fans to get together and sing a few songs without feeling embarrassed by or ostracised from others in the crowd. It’s not a perfect system, and indeed there have been a fair few worthy criticisms since we started, but one of them isn’t that we encourage the flouting of rules that are there to protect all supporters (whether you agree with them or not), and we categorically do not condone the use of pyro.

article-2468900-18DDAF6400000578-960_634x342-1We published an article to this effect back in March which you can read here

This is for the simple reason that if caught in possession in or around a football ground in Britain you face a lengthy ban and quite possibly a prison sentence.

Amanda Jacks from The Football Supporters Federation can explain it in better terms than us:

I don’t necessarily like telling people what to do or how to behave but if I’m asked whether or not it’s a good idea to use a smoke bomb, I’ll remind fans of the law and strongly advise against it. I’ll also advise supporters of the consequences of committing an illegal act. Dependent on the offence, the consequences can be anything range from an on the spot fine up to a prison sentence. If a case comes before court and you’re found guilty, inevitably a banning order will be applied for and granted (although having legal representation may help you avoid a banning order in some cases).

Convictions mean a criminal record and the consequences of that may affect many things from going on holiday to certain countries, rejected university or job applications, or even the loss of employment. If you are ever stopped by the police and your name comes up as having been arrested or convicted, it is likely they’ll take more interest in you. In short, a criminal conviction is something you could do without.

Several fans arrested for the possession or use of smoke bombs have approached the FSF for legal advice. I’ve had to speak to distraught mothers and girlfriends terrified their son/boyfriend will be sent to prison if found guilty. Given that custody is a possibility, suffice to say those conversations are difficult – how do you respond to the question: “is prison worth it for a few minutes of coloured smoke?”

Whether fans are imprisoned or not, one thing is certain: applications for banning orders will almost certainly be successful. Serving a banning order not only means that you can’t attend any football matches in the UK for three years (and sometimes more), it means the inconvenience of having to hand in your passport every time England or Wales (or your club) play outside of the UK. They may also mean you can’t enter a particular town centre or use public transport on a match day.

So, if you are thinking about it, or you hear your mates talking about taking a smoke bomb, flare or firework to a game, just remind them what the consequence of doing so may be. We can help with legal advice, but we can’t always pick up the pieces afterwards.

For more on the legalities of smoke bombs and fireworks, check out this factsheet produced by Alison Gurden, a Barrister specialising in Football Related Legislation (document will open as a pdf in a new window).

With that in mind we’d request that anyone thinking of smuggling pyrotechnics into a game, whether it be an 1882 block or otherwise, consider the ramifications on themselves, their fellow support, and the club itself.


All views and opinions expressed in this article are the views and opinions of the writer and do not necessarily represent the views of The Fighting Cock. We offer a platform for fans to commit their views to text and voice their thoughts. Football is a passionate game and as long as the views stay within the parameters of what is acceptable, we encourage people to write, get involved and share their thoughts on the mighty Tottenham Hotspur.


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