The FA Will Not Devalue Our Jewish Heritage

by The Fighting Cock


In some sense we should be grateful that a few months have passed by without our fans being labelled racists or told they’re part of the problem when it comes to discrimination in football. It was nice while it lasted. A recent statement by the FA has once again thrown the issue of “the Y word” onto the front pages however, and a new chapter in this ridiculous saga looks set to open.

spurs fans webThis recent outburst from the FA comes a few months after the last time our fan base was attacked and told to stop chanting the word Yid at matches. Its easy to see the Society of Black Lawyers also taking this opportunity to throw their two cents in once again. It just baffles me that these two bodies can continue to push this campaign against Tottenham fans without taking a moment to look at the other genuine acts of discrimination in football that are happening around them.

The FA are trying to take a fantastic show of strength by Tottenham, to not allow other fan groups to use the Jewish following and heritage that the club has in a derogatory way, and make Spurs fans look like the problem.

Is a word mentioned when West Ham and Chelsea fans make hissing noises to resemble the sound of gas chambers at matches against Spurs?

Did they make a statement last year when Lazio ultras chanted anti-Semitic songs before attacking Spurs fans the day before a Europa League game?

These are examples of genuine discrimination against the Jewish religion by other football fans, but rather than single out the fan groups behind these incidents and tell the word that they’re the problem, Spurs fans are told to stop chanting songs that show our pride and solidarity with the Jewish support group and basis that the club has.

Recent events in international football make this outburst by the FA seem even more out of place. Just days after English fans were attacked in Ukraine, a country with football fan groups known to have wide-spread racist elements, the FA aren’t concentrating on a violent battering that their own home supporters took but are spending their time giving Tottenham fans a kicking of their own.

It’s hard to see what changes can be made that will close the book on this issue for good. Dialogue between the FA and Tottenham fan groups who actually know what they’re talking about may well be the way forward. One thing we know for certain is that the word Yid is here to stay at Tottenham Hotspur.

Come On You Spurs

Yid Army

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