Me, Myself and 1882

by The Fighting Cock


1882 EvertonThe Under 21’s Semi Final of the U21’s against Everton, offered me the perfect chance to experience 1882 for the first time. As an East Stand lower regular, who is used to getting looks for singing at games, I was looking forward immensely to getting involved in the singing aspect of 1882.

My mood was dampened though by the fact that my 15 year old son had to stay at home due to his first GCSE exam the following morning.

As a fully institutionalised Tottenham fan, the fact that our away games generate a greater atmosphere hasn’t escaped him. He is continually asking to go to more away matches as the atmosphere at those games can be far more enjoyable than at The Lane. The 1882 movement would have been the perfect way to convince him that home support is more than just people moaning.

I was also dealt another set back by the fact that non of my mates were able to attend due to one reason or another. thankfully though I had Shanghai Greek-Cypriot work mate to turn to. He’s never been to a Spurs game, but slightly curious of the movement, he decided to come along.

We arrived ten minutes before kick-off and after seeing the pictures from Underhill, I must be honest, I was a little disappointed more fans couldn’t make the effort. Block 16 shouldn’t have been hard for like minded Spurs fans to pack out.

I think if people knew quite how much fun the whole experience of standing up, watching Tottenham and singing your hearts out could be then perhaps more people would make a concerted effort.

Granted Monday night at 7pm doesn’t help and with the final being away, this will be another hurdle to get over if we are to take up a large group of support but nevertheless, small in number large in voice.

It’s a very quiet place White Hart Lane when there’s a small crowd, very echoey with occasional bark by a coach breaking the silence. But as soon as the teams came out, the songs and chants did too.

Like I said before being in the Lower East towards the middle, songs generally aren’t sung unless Spurs are really on a roll, and the whole crowd are captured by the enthusiasm and excitement of the match so it took a couple of songs before I really started to sing loudly.

You see, with this movement no one looks at you oddly if you’re singing and no one will certainly deter you from starting one up yourself. Perhaps that was a bridge too far me and I’m kicking myself for it because I thought of a couple that would have gone down well.

The old favourites are sung and many ad-lib ones were started. Ranging from “ball boy give us a song” to a completely empty park lane to “we’ve got our own arch” when a rainbow appeared right across the Lane.

Many more were sung with the girls on the front row clearly not afraid to start a chant.

Great fun, laughter, wit and most importantly, a togetherness.

Perhaps the numbers didn’t matter after all, it’s the fact that a small percentage of supporters enjoy the fact they can sing what they want and as loudly as they can without any inhibitions at all.

I’m not saying these nights will compete with a rocking White Hart Lane, but what it does prove is that enjoying yourself while singing loudly and watching the team you love, in whatever guise it takes, should be a prerequisite of any game you attend.

For me it was a great evening and let’s not forget the match which we won, that will have me looking out for the venue and opponents when the final takes place. I’m sure the players appreciated our efforts although they seemed a little embarrassed to acknowledge it. I know many of us there last night will make the trip up north because unlike the sometimes nervous crowds at WHL this season the one at the final will be loud and most certainly proud.

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