1882 announcement: Bolton – FA Youth Cup

by The Fighting Cock


The Fighting Cock is delighted to announce that there is to be another 1882 at a youth game at the Lane – almost a year since we attended our first game.

Last September we played Barcelona in the NextGen Series and there was around 700 Spurs fans in the 1882 section. It was a brilliant night, and although the lads went down 2-0, we all sung out hearts out for 90 mins and they loved it. On final whistle the entire squad game over and gave us their thanks. They didn’t have to, they were playing in our lilywhite, but it was a nice touch.

On 15th February our youth team are in 5th round of the FA Youth Cup. We’re playing Bolton Wanderers. KO is 7pm. The Club have assigned us block 10 of the West Stand. Tickets are £5 and can be bought by calling the ticket office on 0844 844 0102 and selecting option 2. You have to request block 10.

We’ll be in the Bricklayers pub from about 5pm

For those that are unaware 1882 is about getting likeminded fans together to sing for the shirt. It’s quality to be a part of it, and harks back to the days before the Premier League when scoring a goal wasn’t the catalyst for loud support. We’re there and singing because just watching the mighty Lilywhites is enough.


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