Born from years of mediocrity, mundanity and monotony

by The Fighting Cock


It’s an alien concept for all folk accustom to supporting Spurs, being pleasantly surprised, or even over achieving. Born from years of mediocrity and mundane, monotonous mid table finishes the natural, the knee jerk reaction for a supporter of Tottenham is to view any good run of form with a degree of uncertainty, ‘I wonder when we’ll cock this up’ type mentality.

However, in the shadows of Redknapp’s departure and AVB’s subsequent, contested arrival at the club, for once we seem to be able to, dare I say it, relax after an exquisite festive period that saw us take ten points from a possible 12, scoring an impressive nine goals in the process and conceding a miserly two. In many ways we find ourselves in a more prosperous position than we did last season, certainly no worse. Third in the table, on par with Redknapp’s side’s standing of last year, out of the league cup, as we were year ago.

Should the miserable sods that were so anti-AVB earlier in the campaign be forced to cut a huge slice of humble pie?

Boas has though masterminded progression through the Europa League group stages, a competition good old ‘Arry disregarded with such ignorance. With a trip to France to look forward to in the round of 32, the Champions League it aint but I would much rather have some silverware to polish come May than settle for just finishing fourth again, and I’m sure 99% of fans would agree (Ars*nal take note).


This ultimately leads me to my point, should the miserable sods that were so anti-AVB earlier in the campaign be forced to cut a huge slice of humble pie? True January is no time to settle on laurels, a lesson we so devastatingly learnt last term, nor is it time to accurately articulate an opinion on the long-term success of Villas-Boas. In spite of this, the fans that expected and almost hoped for him to fail so spectacularly before, should now accept that he is competent in charge of a Premier League team, and that he is capable of juggling more than one competition at a time.

With no chance of our manager jumping into bed with the FA this time around, with a January transfer window where it is not crucial to strengthen in upon us, and with two winnable and respectable competitions to contend along with a top four finish well within our grasp, the self inflicted clouds have lifted over White Hart Lane, and the man who leads us into the new year deserves the upmost credit for maintaining his dignity throughout.

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