The Tom is Dead. Long live the Tom.

by The Fighting Cock


It is fair to say ever since Mousa Dembele’s recurring hip injury came to the surface Spurs have not been the same team. Our summer signing from Fulham appeared to be proving to the White Hart Lane faithful that he could indeed replace Luka Modric in our side, and be just as effective if not more. Dembele is very athletic, a fantastic passer of the ball, and a decent finisher as a his goal against Norwich proved. Fast Forward to now, and we have just lost our last 4 out of 5 Premier League matches – and our win was perhaps a little fortunate against a spirited Southampton side. One of the main reasons I am convinced we have been playing so poorly is a lack of Dembele in cm, but also rather harshly the presence of a certain Tom Huddlestone in our side.

I don’t like to criticise Spurs players (I am a supporter and recognise most of the time these guys are giving their all for the cause) but Huddlestone has been simply shocking. He’s clearly unfit (why!?), doesn’t have the ability to tackle, his previous asset of passing appears to have gotten far worse than better, and his corners are shocking (please get it past the first man!). Sure he set up Caulker’s goal against City, and played relatively well against Maribor at the Lane, but in the past this would be the very least of Spurs fans expectations. To top it off aswell, at the beginning of the season he tweeted a dig at AVB – he has since denied it, but I no longer follow him nonetheless.

The fact is he has not progressed from being a promising youngster, and I’m sorry but I don’t want this player in the Spurs line up. the fact he was in the England squad the other day defies belief but then again what can you expect if JonJo Shelvey also is in the squad. However, there is now another Tom at White Hart Lane that I strongly believe deserves to be in the side more than the “Hudd”.

Tommy Carroll is in the new breed of tidy,technical midfielders that hardly ever give the ball away. The sort of player that Swansea seemed to have produced in Joe Allen, of course now at Liverpool, and Leon Britton. He came on at the Emirates on Saturday, and immediately looked so much more assured, and plain better than Huddlestone had the entire match. Carroll also ran the show against Maribor which is very encouraging at the age of 20.

He may not be at the level of the arsehole that is Jack Wilshere (seriously I want to slap that guy in the face) but he looks like he could progress even further with an extended stay in the first team. It appears Dembele’s injury is on the mend, and he may even feature in the Lazio game, but if his injury does become an issue again during the season I want to see Carroll be given the nod over Huddlestone. Why persist with a player whose career is plateauing when we have a potential star in the making?!

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