The Serenity of White Hart Lane

by The Fighting Cock


I sat there in a transfixed daze as Danny Rose hit that thunderbolt, almost ironically clean and pure, considering we were playing them dirty gooners.

The consumption of several beverages had originally led me to believe disco Benny was to credit but I left wondering if Danny Rose had been sent down from above for one game only, one goal, one hell of a goal, never to be seen again.

I wandered out of the Lane carried by a collective wave of ecstatic euphoria, years of torment and repression from them f****** Woolwich w****** lifted in one glorious night.

A collective outpouring of emotion of some 35 thousand people transformed itself into a crescendo of sound, 11 years of pain unleashed into one ball of sound as everyone bar none sung for their Spurs.

I was in that same electrifying venue when Tottenham fully announced themselves in the premier European club competition. A full house revelling in Gareth Bale making a mockery of the world’s best right back and rejoicing at their Spurs making an overdue return to the continents finest.

Years of absence from the football elite, welcomed back with a tumultuous outburst of collective atmosphere, another 35 thousand people screaming their return, whilst simultaneously politely requesting a cab for one Mr Maicon.

My blue wounds are still gaping and sore but sat in the Park Lane I noticed chants breaking out with no unity, pockets of hate and passion bursting out into random song with no structure or cohesion.
Although the atmosphere wasn’t bad I couldn’t help think it needed some form of composer, orchestrating our dislike for the blue racists.

Teams like Chelsea really need to be welcomed to the Lane with the vocal animosity they deserve. Not every game can rely on a Danny Rose thunderbolt against the bitterest of rivals or the demolition job of Europe’s premier team.

Sunderland, Villa, Swansea, countless Europa games, take your pick. All games united by one common factor, my stomach being sick, twisted and wrenched as we get out sung by some mid table mediocrity or an obscure European team on a jolly to White Hart Lane.

Away days are obviously better, filled with blind faith and passion. But surely there is a way we can translate just a fraction of our travelling support to home games, for the better of the fans and subsequently the team and subsequently Daniel Levy, Joe Lewis and co.

The good news is the answer has already been found. For those that created the 1882 initiative at The Fighting Cock, I whole heartedly salute you.

Just watching the youtube footage of the Charlton youth game was enough to give me goose bumps and watching, but more importantly listening to the Barca game on Eurosport sent me on a scrambled search for next gen fixtures and tickets.

13/09/12 vs Barcelona @ WHL

Surely there has to be a way that 1882 and THFC can be affiliated in a way that will benefit both fans and the board. This isn’t asking to bring back terraces or to give us a shiny brand spanking new 35million pound striker, just to sit like minded fans together. With the construction of our new home imminent, THFC have already laid out architectural plans that best benefit the atmosphere of White Hart Lane the second. A spherical dome shaped stadium specifically built to bounce sound of walls and recreate a raucous night of the Lane in its pomp. Even Mr Levy will not want our new abode to be a soulless bowl similar to the one found down the road.

My stomach being sick, twisted and wrenched as we get out sung by some mid table mediocrity or an obscure European team on a jolly to White Hart Lane.

White Hart Lane and White Hart Lane the second needs a heartbeat, an 1882 heartbeat. One dedicated block, one tiny little block to place fans of the same ilk, that don’t care so much for the superficialities that football can bring but for those that consider singing and passion to be the primary components that really does make football the greatest of all sports.

This is why I look forward to a home game against European giants Maribor of Slovenia, with as much anticipation and excitement as if Inter or the Gooners were in town.

The 8th November will prove to be an evening of what football should really be about. Camaraderie, passion and singing and s*** loads of it. Come on you Spurs.

The Fighting Cock has been talking to the club about being able to block-book 1882 together. We’re a long way off agreeing anything, but they’re aware of who we are and what we’re trying to do. It will be difficult to do against teams in the Premier League because the tickets are sold so quickly, but we’re planning more to do more youth fixtures in the future.

For what its worth we don’t want a ‘singing section’ at White Hart Lane. We don’t need it as there is plenty of passion left in Tottenham supporters, it just needs reigniting.

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