Dreaming of Moyes

by The Fighting Cock


Rickie Lambert soared through the air at The Dell, the Tottenham defenders could only stare as he connected with a Matt Le Tissier cross and powered the ball past Ian Walker. On the side lines a 3 foot AVB was picked up by Glenn Hoddle and punted into the away stand where two large fans started playing tug of war with him.

Anger swept over me and my only release was to start screaming:

“Daniel Levy you tight fisted muppet why didn’t you buy Rivaldo!!!!”

“Anthony wake up, wake up!! Oh my God what’s wrong with you!!??”

My girlfriend was leaning over me, a look of concern all over her face.

“It’s Tottenham they’re driving me mad, I can’t handle it, my dreams don’t even make sense!”

“Please go and speak to someone, you need some help.”

A few days later I found myself spread across a sofa talking to a shrink.

“From what I can gather you are having some issues adjusting with a major change in your life. What I recommend is hypnosis, lets see if we can get some of that stress and anxiety out of you. Please clear your thoughts and look into my eyes.”

“Ok, but I have never done anything like this…”

“I am now talking to the angry side of Anthony, please reveal yourself to me.”

The Angry Man Inside

“Bloody Daniel Levy and his appointments……”

The solution to replacing Harry Redknapp was simple. Don’t hire a manager who has just failed at one of our closest rivals, instead appoint one who continues to defy logic and make Phil Neville et al 4th place contenders.

David Moyes was the most obvious, the most logical and the best choice. Forget the propaganda, the agendas and the nonsense. Levy should have turned to the successful Everton manager, not the failed ex-Cheslea boss.

This man knows the Premier League; he has experience working under a tight budget, but has the ability to make a chairman part with his cash when necessary.

When Moyes wanted Marouane Fellaini, Kevin Mirallas and Nikica Jelavic his chairman bowed to his pressure. When AVB demanded Joao Moutinho he was given Clint Dempsey, Moyes would not have allowed this to happen.

The Glaswegian has shown an ability to see in players something that other managers are initially blind to. Leighton Baines and Phil Jagielka, players many teams looked at but chose not to pursue are now England regulars and highly sought after commodities. Moyes was also responsible for the nurturing of Wayne Rooney, who despite all the reports to the contrary remains England’s star player.

Moyes has also demonstrated that he is prepared to dip into the less glamorous Championship to sign a player. He transformed Wolves defender Joleon Lescott from a £4 million gamble into a title winning player worth £24 million. When Millwall surged to the FA Cup final in 2004 he was the only manager willing to gamble on Tim Cahill; the Australian went on to become one of the most threatening attacking midfielders in recent PL history.

When Spurs looked for an alternative or back up for Gareth Bale in 2011, Steven Pienaar was an obvious choice. The South African had been flying for Everton, but at Spurs he floundered. Moyes proved in that one deal that he alone is the true master of man management, not some bloke who loves leaning out of a car window.

Under Moyes, Everton have developed a style which sees them play to their strengths, something Spurs seem incapable to do at the moment.

Spurs have thrown away leads in six games this season, but worse than that there is no passion, tempo or fight to their game. Every team has days when their passing isn’t as crisp or technique falters, it is at that point you need the manager to demand more and get the players dig deep, and as a unit refuse to bend over.

Would a Moyes team have allowed a Ben Watson led midfield to dominate at home?

Would he have thrown away a one nil leads twice to Norwich, once to Panathinaikos and once to West Brom?

Would Moyes have bestowed upon Eden Hazard, Juan Mata and Oscar licence to roam at White Hart Lane?

As he has shown over the years he isn’t afraid to let his players get stuck in, hassle and demonstrate the truest form of high tempo pressing. Not the occasional chase a ball down attitude shown at Spurs this season.

Yes Moyes has made some mistakes, but that is part of being a PL manager, but these few errors are eclipsed by his successes.

Moyes will lead Everton to that fourth space, be declared the hottest manager in world football, take the Woolwich job and lead them to domestic and European glory. He will ultimately become……….

“Anthony!! Come out of the trance!! Snap out of it. You’re chewing the sofa!!”

“I am sorry, I don’t know what came over me, I never eat upholstery. What did I say?”

“Well your problems stem with a man.”

“My dad?”

“Erm not quite someone named Levy.”

“Knew it, so what’s the cure?”

“Patience. That’s all you need.”

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