AVB: Worth it in the End

by The Fighting Cock


A rush of blood, lacklustre defending and more than one passenger are just a few of the contributing factors to what were a dismal Saturday lunchtime, and a plummet to the nadir after a bad sequence of results. Cue hysteria. For the reactionaries among the faithful the 5-2 reverse was an overkill of hammering nails into the coffin of AVB’s tenure. So the question remains, is AVB the man for the job?

I’ll set my stall out from the onset; AVB is the man for the job. Sure, too many performances have been uninspiring, even insipid at times. And yes, losing by such a deficit to that lot is painful, not to mention the pitiful performance at home to Wigan. Now both the ‘pro’ and ‘anti’ camps can cite reasons as to why AVB should be having a Joe Strummer moment, the former providing what’s becoming a hackneyed adage: “not the Tottenham way” in reference to the style of play. It’s easy to agree with them, but then when has ever following Spurs been easy?

I want nothing more than success, but that won’t happen until we can adapt to situations presented. We cannot play every team off the park

Though he was derided for it, Redknapp made a sound point when stating we’d “never had it so good.” Some of the football in the first- half of last season was not only some of the best we’ve played (certainly in my lifetime) but some of the best I’ve ever seen. Swashbuckling, as the red-tops called it, was pretty apt. Opposing teams were ripped apart with pace and swagger to the extent people started to talk up a title tilt! Now, it all fell apart in the end, for whatever reasons, and when Drogba rolled the ball into the goal in Munich, a season of promise was left in tatters.

But I digress, the point being that although we played with such style at times, we fell flat, and once the tempo from our play slowed there was no Plan B and all the promise unravelled. But the point remains, we’d not had it so good; frankly we’d be nowhere near the quality of a top four team up until the last four seasons. To make up for our lack of success we had a brand of attacking football to enjoy, however unsuccessful we were.

The incoming AVB will have taken a look at the team and looked at why a team with such talent and the ability to amazing football, continuously underachieves. Project commence. As in all workplaces, a good incoming manager will first address the problems, and Spurs problem has been an inability to see games out. Sure, when things are going well we’d just go and score on more than them, but when that doesn’t work results weren’t favourable. So with that in mind, Spurs apparent so-called overly defensive, negative football is perhaps a slow and at times painful learning curve. Now I cannot wait to see the return of Spurs tearing teams a new one, but what I want more is silverware, and in order to do that Spurs need to grow up. All the top teams grind out results by the odd goal; a mature approach all the elite teams know at times they have to resort to. A necessary evil, I’m afraid.

Now I won’t sit here and state AVB’s not made mistakes, he has and he will make further ones, and perhaps there are better times to opt to see out games rather than going for the kill. Sure, progress has been hampered by the loss of key players and unfortunate injuries, but that’s not me trying to make excuses. If we want long-term success we need to have more than one approach to the game. So those of you stating “play two up top” as if you’ve cracked the Enigma code of football, look a bit longer. I want nothing more than success, but that won’t happen until we can adapt to situations presented. We cannot play every team off the park; we need to know how to see games out. It might hurt for a while, but in the end, it might just be worth it.

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