1882 – An Admission

by The Fighting Cock


I need to say sorry and ask for your acceptance…

My name is Dave and I am 39 – I have two kids, a dog, and a love of Spurs.

Unlike most supporters I can’t give a romantic story around why I love the club – most of my friends were West Ham fans. I was just always… Spurs.

As I said most of my mates at school were West Ham and as such the crowd often dragged me to Upton Park… it did nothing for me intellectually nor spiritually.

Every now and again I could drag them to Spurs and I loved it – we would shout and sing and I would watch and dream of being Richard Gough smashing strikers about.

Fast-forward through the years and my visits to Tottenham became less frequent mainly due to cost. Then marriage. Then kids. Then the visits to the Lane just stopped altogether.

A few years ago my place of work obtained four season tickets in the West Stand Upper. Word went out that if clients didn’t use them they were up for grabs – I grabbed and continue to grab at every opportunity (most recently watching our two heroic performances against both WBA and Norwich with my Seven and four year old boys in tow).

I quickly settled into the Upper West etiquette. I got myself a coffee pre game – I sat quietly and watched. But oh how I longed to shout my head off

I quickly settled into the Upper West etiquette. I got myself a coffee pre game – I sat quietly and watched. But oh how I longed to shout my head off – on occasions – a penalty shout or a burst forward would cause me to get animated, but I was accutely aware that no one around me was doing anything remotely similar. It was clear the thing to do was to sit quietly and criticise.

When I say criticise I mean complain about everything – those around me moaned about Defoe… they moaned about Jenas… they moaned about the balti pies and often during the moaning I would look downwards to the Park Lane all signing their hearts out and goading the opposition’s fans and dream to be a part of it.

I always read Dear Mr Levy (even though Spooky is an apologist for the board (I’m joking!)… and when I saw the efforts of the 1882 movement at Charlton I thought it was great – so then news of Barcelona came around. I thought to myself I have got to be part of this.

So I have tickets for me and my son – He will wear his spurs shirt with Callum and the number 7 on the back and be proud – We will be there!!  We will sing, we will jump around, and we will give our all to the ninety minutes – We may even fit in – However I could not go and not come clean about my Spurs background.

I really hope my boy enjoys it – I hope in the next couple of years my sons and I are able to get regular tickets to other parts of the ground and I hope it becomes our Saturday way of life for many years to come.

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