The 1882 movement

by The Fighting Cock


On 13 September 2012, at 7pm, Tottenham Hotspur play Barcelona at White Hart Lane in the NextGen Series, the competition that sorts out the best of the youth teams in Europe.

While on the pitch a game against one of Europe’s best youth set ups will be a stern test, in the stands it will be a different matter:

Last season The Fighting Cock organised for 250 fans to travel down to the Valley to watch the Spurs youth team take on Charlton in the FA Youth Cup. We lost one nil. That didn’t matter. The point of the night was to support our team, and the shirt they play in. To sing as loud and as long as our lungs would let us. And we didn’t disappoint.

Spurs Charlton

We wanted to hark back to the days before the Premier League, when how loud you sing and how passionate you became wasn’t dependent on how well Tottenham were playing. Simply being there, and being Spurs was enough. Now we want to do it again at White Hart Lane.

Last year it was called ‘The Ultras’ but this created unwanted attention. From this point onwards it’s ‘1882’.

We’re going to be contacting the club about ticketing arrangements, prices etc. so we’ll keep you posted. We’ll be talking about it on the podcast, and posting news on the site, additionally you can read about our plans on the forum.

Read more about the 1882 movement here.


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