1882 Update – we’re the West stand Tott-en-ham!

by The Fighting Cock


Further to the announcement of the 1882 movement, The Fighting Cock are delighted to confirm that the club have allocated us two blocks (15-16) in the West Lower for the NextGen games against Barcelona. That’s about 600 seats. It would be amazing to sell them all, which would easily do the 250 we took to the Charlton youth game back in March.

For those that want to meet before the game we will be in the Bricklayers pub from about 5pm. They know we’re coming.

Ticket info:

This is the email we received from Spurs:

We have had an internal meeting and I can confirm that we have reserved off 2 blocks for the NextGen series fixture against Barcelona on Thursday 13th September.

The blocks that have been allocated to you are blocks 15 and 16 which are located in the West Lower. Tickets are priced at adults £5, One Hotspur adult members can purchase tickets at £3 and Junior and Senior Citizen tickets will be priced at £1.00.

To book tickets please contact the ticket office on 0844 844 0102 and select option 2. When booking tickets we ask that your members quote the name of your group ‘1882’ as this way you will all be located together. All the staff in the ticket office have been made aware of your group and the reserved area for this fixture.

I have spoken to our safety officer who has informed me that banners and large flags are not permitted in the ground however standard sized flags are allowed and will not be confiscated.

We have requested clarification on why large flags are a safety issue, and they will get back to us with an explanation. We’re hoping to be able to lay any flags on empty seats and along the concrete wall at the front of the stand.

Just a quick note. The club have been extremely helpful in getting this off the ground.

[box type=info]Tottenham Hotspur vs Barcelona in the NextGen Series. Thursday 13th September, KO 7pm.

Call the ticket office on 0844 844 0102, select option 2 and quote ‘1882’.

Meet before the game in the Bricklayers pub around 5pm

Follow the hashtag #1882tfc on Twitter.


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