Spurs ‘New’ Money

by The Fighting Cock


In football, as with life – there is rarely smoke without fire. Even the most far fetched of stories has a spark…

The rumours regarding ‘new’ money at Spurs is certainly one that deserves attention and one that won’t go away.

The signs are there, there’s a different feeling about Spurs at the moment.

Obviously the excitement of AVB and the expectation of what the new regime will bring Is partly to do with that – but look a little deeper…

There is a confidence about all connected with Spurs – almost like there has been a plan in place for a very long time, and only now are the first signs of this coming to fruition. Tottenham Hotspur have – under the guidance of Daniel Levy have been run impeccably – certainly on the financial side. Our climb from mid table non enteritis, to slugging it out with Europe’s elite has been remarkable – more so when you consider the size and financial wealth of ‘some ‘ of our rivals.

The club has punched well above it’s weight over the last few years especially, not only keeping on the coat tails of the two Manchester clubs, Woolwich, Liverpool and Chelsea – but in the case of the later two finishing above them. In Liverpool’s case…consistently now. Yet right now – at this very moment, on the eve of another long campaign – it feels different.

Gareth Bale’s contract extension is telling. Already committed to the club – he put pen to paper on a (if you believe some reports) circa £100k deal, smashing our ‘unbreakable’ wage structure. A one off – for our most valuable asset…NOT the case.

There is a confidence about all connected with Spurs – almost like there has been a plan in place for a very long time, and only now are the first signs of this coming to fruition.

Gylfi Sigurdsson’s arrival (reportedly ) circa £70k, blowing Liverpool out of the water and securing the deal.

The long drawn out saga of Jan Vertonghen is another clue. Heavily linked to Woolwich for the majority of the last campaign. Reports even suggested the deal was close, if not already done. Yet against the odds the Belgium and former Ajax captain is now a Spur. Turning his back on Champions League football and making it plainly obvious that it was only Spurs he wanted to play for ‘publicly’

The expected arrival of Hugo Lloris is another pointer, of a yet to be told story at the lane. French reports are certain that he is heading to the lilywhite side of north London. Again, some claiming that he is only interested in one team. The same Lloris who is captain of his national side and could just about pick a club from the cream of Europe… he looks to have chosen Spurs.

The above obviously doesn’t include Adebayor, who although, would take a pay cut from his astronomical salary at City – the fact we are suddenly in a position to even contemplate the permanent signing is light years away from where we were, just a few short months ago.

Levy is aware of what happened to Chelsea and Manchester City when their new money was revealed, it really was a case of add a nought to any proposed transfer fee.

Those of us with a cockerel firmly tattooed to their chest are fully aware that our leader is no mug and while I don’t expect the untold riches of Sheikh Mansour – something has happened.

Wouldn’t it be just like Daniel Levy to play the biggest blag of all and announce our ‘NEW’ money and it’s origins…sometime shortly after the transfer window on September 1st?

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