Overrated: Luka Modric

by The Fighting Cock


I’m not having that Luka Modric is irreplaceable, world class or even our best – or most influential player.

He is OF COURSE an outstanding footballer – but when the Croatian and Tottenham Hotspur finally part company this summer – I think it will be with a sense of what could of been.

Luka’s a player – so able. He runs games and sets the tempo – a drop of a shoulder or a little step over – its gorgeous – truly gorgeous….did I say I had an issue?…I have – honest! – he just doesn’t do it enough, he doesn’t influence games enough. His goal tally is dreadful for a player of his obvious ability, his assists over the course of his Spurs career are almost as poor – yet this is the man, that if you believe twitter and various forums around the internet, whose absence will mean the downfall of Tottenham Hotspur. Relegation fodder again.

I was having this debate last week and was told in no uncertain terms that Modric was in the same class as a Sneijder, Xavi or (sore point) Pirlo. He isn’t – not even close in my opinion. I’m sure he has it in his locker and could be up there, but right now he is not of the standard to be compared with the ‘similar’ star names in his position.

As the ‘creative’ spark in our midfield, Modric should be the constant – the game changer, the one the sets everything off – he isn’t…

Modric should be hitting that killer dead ball or arriving on the edge of the box when it’s tight to take the points – he doesn’t… How many points and trophies have a Lampard, Fabregas, Scholes, Gerrard won for their respective teams by doing just that?

When he’s on it – he’s a joy, almost unstoppable – this however is all to infrequent.

Modric is the first to spout off about the need to showcase his talents on the Champions League stage – I honestly believe that if he was as good as people would have you believe, he would have been – in the lilly white of Spurs.

Another argument that tends to be thrown around is the quality of player he plays alongside and if he was at a Man United, City or Real Madrid he would be a true great… seriously!?

He currently plays with some of the best attacking players in England – one of the most attacking sides in Europe. Spurs brand of football is made for a player like Modric… Look left and see Bale and BAE flying down the wing, to the right Lennon and Kyle Walker causing havoc. How about just in front to the elusive Van der Vaart or the power and pace of Adebayor

The Croatian is hardly short of an option or two.

When he goes he goes. A £35million offer from Madrid would be just the ticket, money in the bank and out of the country – ‘just in case’ he does decide to live up to the hype.

You could have had your Champions League dream with Spurs Luka – but just maybe you’re not as good as what you think you are.


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