Everyone Looks World Class on YouTube

by The Fighting Cock


Well the the transfer window has finally opened and transfer gossip and ITK is currently gearing up, before switching in to overdrive in the middle of August.

As usual Tottenham have already been linked with dozens of players. While most of the players are familiar names (Kaka, Pato, Huntelaar, Lassana Diarra etc), every now and again an unfamiliar name crops up. These days it is easy to find out about these curious foreign superstars. Forum members will spend hours poring over the football oracles that are the Football Manager database and YouTube.

“I’ve checked him on the FM database and he has a shooting ability of 20 and 18 for passing! He’s a wonderkid at the moment, but turns in to the Next Messi!”

Leandro Damiao is the most recent player to undergo this close examination. On various forums we are told about how good Leandro Damiao is in 2016, when he will score 45 goals in all competitions, including the Champions League Final. As proof that is will happen it is now practice to wheel out a YouTube video to support the claim. Recently the Leandro Damião 2011 – The Living Legend – HD video has been doing the rounds.


You can’t really argue with that video. Damiao certainly looks the business and I, like the majority of Spurs fans, hope we manage to sign the kid at a decent price. However, you can’t judge a player based on a 3:14 minute video of an entire career.

If YouTube really reflected what players are like throughout their career, we would have won countless tournaments and cups with this little lot.

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