Are Tottenham about to be a selling club?

by The Fighting Cock


Berbatov, Carrick and now Modric – all leave a little bit of a sick taste in the mouth. Whilst we may be financially rewarded for letting these players go in their prime, the stigma attached to being a selling club leaves a nasty after taste. Tottenham should not be selling their best players if we ever hope to compete with the top clubs in Europe. However, everything has its price, and quite frankly with the money on the table Levy would be a fool to turn it down.

If the now hourly rumours are true, significant investment is just around the corner. Not the odd £20M to spend on a new midfielder, more like hundreds of millions. Whether this is coming from AEG, rich Kuwaiti investors, from the naming rights for the new stadium, or possibly a combination of all three, is still anyones guess, but the money will be able to build a new stadium, keep our best players, and remain competitive in the transfer market.

But hang on, isn’t Financial Fair Play meant to prevent huge investors playing real life Football Manager? Yes, it is, and whilst most of the money is going to go on the new stadium, Daniel Levy will still have to keep an eye on our expenditure to make sure that our income is kept at a high enough level, particularly until the new revenue from a larger stadium comes in to play.

With shifts going on backstage at the club, with Tim Sherwood apparently taking on the title of Technical Director, we have a hint at what Levy might be planning. Creating a huge academy of young players, picking the best talent from around the world and training and nurturing it. This appeals to the Football Manager in us all – ‘local boy done good’ etc But it could also have a big impact on Tottenham’s finances.

There would seem to be quite some talent in the current Spurs development squad, yet, as much as we would like them to, probably only one or two will ever make an impact.

The success of the loans of Walker, Caulker, and to a lesser extent, Naughton, Kane and Townsend is great for the club. Whilst these players may only ever skirt around the fringes of the first team during their careers they serve to be very good for financial purposes. Firstly, they save us spending money on squad players. Their wages will be significantly less that buying already established Premier League players. Secondly, when the time comes, there is a nice tidy profit to be made.

There would seem to be quite some talent in the current Spurs development squad, yet, as much as we would like them to, probably only one or two will ever make an impact. Danny Rose is a good example. Already a Spurs legend for his debut goal, but is he really good enough to play for our first team? He will most likely go out on loan next season, with Vertonghen able to cover at left back. However, a successful loan spell could see us get £3-5M from a future transfer, which is a pretty good return from one of our academy players.

One or two players being sold for this kind of sum each summer may not seem a lot, but the few million generated actually goes quite some way to paying for wages and helping to balance the books. It is entirely possible that this train them, loan them, keep or sell them football factory model could well be what we end up seeing in the next few years. Hopefully it will produce another Ledley King or two, but if not I would settle for a few more Danny Rose’s, if only to balance the books.

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