Why City/Chelsea winning makes me a proud Spurs fan

by The Fighting Cock


The email read out in episode 44 of the podcast.

Alright Gents.

Lots of talk about scum/bluscum reactions to Saturday’s tragedy. Gooner mates have been fine, actually. Sympathetic even, an acknowledgment of the sheer cruelty and injustice of it all.

Cheer for City and you might as well cheer the scarcity of oil that’s driving us towards geopolitical meltdown, unjust wars and keeps the boot on the throat of hardworking, decent people.

Cheer for bluescum and you might as well cheer the impoverishment of the Siberian peoples and continuing corruption of a major international country.

Cheering the playthings, whims and corporate vehicles of billionaires. The decaying, rotten heart of modern football.

I never want to cheer for a club owned by a reminder for why this world is so f**ked up. F**k that. I’m proud that my cheers don’t stick in my throat and prouder still that that in my quieter moments I don’t have have attempt to reconcile moral cowardice with the support of my team.

I know who we are. We know who we are. COYS, ever.

Thanks for your efforts. See you next year.

Tom (@TommyComebacks)


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