Spurs moment of 2011

by The Fighting Cock


By Triple Sea (Triple_sea)

So Christmas is done. All in all a good few days relaxing, much great food and the joy of witnessing scenes of a sexual nature from Spurs at Norwich.

As I rolled into the office (too many mince pies) yesterday I wondered what would get me through these two irritating days at work. Could it be that the office MILF is in too and finally willing to act out the thoughts in my head, could the IT security settings have taken a Christmas break leaving me to surf the internet freely or could I simply get away with catching up on some sleep. Unsurprisingly none of these came true.

Instead what I have been doing is reminiscing about THFC’s 2011. Full of many ups (CL run) and for me unnecessary downs (dropped points at home). Amongst my reminiscing I’ve tried to pinpoint my Spurs moment of 2011 and I’m keen to hear yours.

For me there are some obvious moments of delight like beating Milan, or winning the derby against Arsenal, but my highlight has to be that Luka Modric goal against Liverpool. Pre game I had questions running through my mind, what would be the best way for the little magician to shake off that summer of discontent? Would we again see the Luka Modric that dictated games with aplomb like in previous seasons? And then, bang, that finish and more importantly that celebration from him. It was a massive moment that I think has played a big role in seeing him continue his sexual caressing of a football this season.

That’s mine, what’s yours?

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