Redknapp Out!

by The Fighting Cock


Via drwinston001 from The Fighting Cock forum.

There’s a massive elephant in the room and it’s about time we discussed it. There was a time in the not so distant past when I could rely on Spurs failing gallantly, perhaps scoring 3 spectacular goals for us to celebrate but letting in a 4th in the 89th minute.

Yeah we’d lost the game but we’d given it our all and entertained the crowd. We were the Newcastle under Kevin Keegan without the title challenge or Scottish accents. We always had at least 3 or 4 players in the team we could moan about before the game, at half time and in the pub after the final whistle.

The Spurs teams I fell in love with could be relied upon to let me down when it came to playing a game in hand that would secure a leap up the league table. An abject performance would be put on for me that I could simply shrug my shoulders and say, “typical Spurs” while drowning my sorrows in the bottom of a pint glass, struggling to sleep after an evening game because of the sheer anger boiling inside of me.

People I work with knew they’d get plenty of chances throughout a season to mock my chosen team whether it be on the pitch or off it. Laugh at my ideology of a greater footballing world with Spurs ruling it, them and me knowing full well it was nothing more than a pipe dream and the fight for that last UEFA/Europa League spot was the best I could hope for but deep down I know they respected my blind faith.

Now the team I fell in love with is no longer. I can’t rely on them to play badly when it’s the easy option, long gone are the days of defenders running into each other and conceding a goal giving us all something to laugh about after the pain has subsided. Thanks to Mr Harry Redknapp my team has died and I wonder if it will ever return? Keeping possession, outscoring the opposition, attractive football and world class players is something I don’t expect to see at White Hart Lane!!

Redknapp OUT!!!


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