#01 The Fighting Cock podcast – Harry, Luka and the summer of discontent




Welcome to the first ever The Fighting Cock podcast. The recording went very well all things considered (had to change location twice at the last minute. We rolled with the punches and imperfections. Ghost ice cream van included). 90 mins of chat cut down to about 45 mins for the released version. We hope to have a more peaceful setting next time.

In terms of tempo, vibe and humour…we won’t truly hit out stride until after a few eps so a bit of Tottenham supporting patience please (gulp) although I think we did mighty fine with our debut effort considering it was recorded in a greenhouse.

We’ve got a whole host of content and features lined up for future eps, along with some ‘squad rotation’ in terms of people guesting. The plan is to record a pod every 10 days.

If you want something read out or discussed on a future ep, please email us at thefightingcock at gmail dot com.

Love the Shirt.


Drop your thoughts in the comments below or on the forum.

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