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Once a week we sit round a table, have a few beers and discuss the glorious Tottenham Hotspur.

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10th December 2019

The Breakdown

If I can pinpoint the root of my latest existential crisis, I'd probably have to say that for the first time, possibly ever, I truly, really, honestly believed, 100%, wholeheartedly, no caveats, that we were doing it.

3rd December 2019

Time to Mou-ve on

His time at Manchester United wasn’t as successful as he would have liked. I’m sure he was hurt by the criticism and the suggestion that his techniques are outdated; that he struggles to man manage the millennial generation. I think we’re now seeing the repercussions of that in his demeanour and in his new look coaching team.

3rd December 2019

What we talk about when we talk about Pochettino

The reaction of club supporters in the immediate aftermath of his sacking was like nothing I’ve ever seen in sports (and is perhaps my biggest motivation for writing this piece). There was an outpouring of emotion across the world. I felt it, too.

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