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13th November 2019

The Rose of Tottenham

The club let us down and they let down its playing staff. In moments when the club should’ve been brave, for one reason or another they weren’t. They allowed us to stagnate, but Rose isn’t like that. He had something to say.

12th November 2019

The Wait

I always find the concept of blame an opaque thing, if every problem in football was as simple as blaming a manager for everything it would be to miss the whole picture.

11th November 2019

Sheffield united, Tottenham divided

We've got to the point where every VAR decision looks like the Zapruder film being dissected by The Lone Gun Men attempting to figure out the trajectory of the magic bullet.

7th November 2019

How To Make Sports Predictions

The first step is to take a look at the recent form of each group worried in the match of your choice. Generally, the five most recent fixtures of each facet are taken into account

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