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19th November 2019

Ignorance isn’t bliss

In an era of two-minute-highlight-videos and instant success bought about by Sheikh billionaires, pragmatism and giving managers time seems to be a commodity of the past. Immediate success is expected even by fan-bases who haven’t experienced success in a long-time.

18th November 2019

Our Fig Tree

Will that be this team’s legacy, then? Glorious failure? Some would argue, with justification, that this period will always be tinged with regret, and bemoan an unfulfilled potential. Personally? I think that’s just b******s.

14th November 2019

End of the party

The mood music seems to have gathered pace and multiplied exponentially in the intervening months bringing us to the here and now. Dig a little deeper and the jury shouldn’t be out too long.

13th November 2019

The Rose of Tottenham

The club let us down and they let down its playing staff. In moments when the club should’ve been brave, for one reason or another they weren’t. They allowed us to stagnate, but Rose isn’t like that. He had something to say.

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