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22nd January 2020

Remembering Our Last Success at Wembley

We all know what happened next. Thank you very much Petr Cech and thank you very much Jonathan Woodgate. Pandemonium in the stands.

21st January 2020


Billy Nick understood what Europe means to Spurs. We even won the UEFA cup under the lights at White Hart Lane in 1984.

9th January 2020

Now or Never

Mourinho is not going to nurture young talent, he’s going to squeeze whatever is left of our current squad and hopefully end our long trophy drought.

9th January 2020

Christian Eriksen, it wasn’t supposed to end like this

Yet, unlike Bale and Modrić who left at the peak of their powers, every insipid performance until his departure is confirmed ensures Eriksen’s Tottenham legacy is tarnished further.

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