What we wanted -vs- What we got

Last year, based on numerous polls, votes were cast for the team that forum members wanted to see for the 2012/13 season.This was a team based on a 4-4-2 at the time (due to Harry still being in charge) and included players such as Modric and van der Vaart in it. As it turned out those two left but we got a new central defender (Vertonghen) and a new keeper (Lloris) as was wanted however we missed out on getting a new striker (Damião) and we also failed in our bid to get Moutinho. Regardless of this our incomings of […]

Spurs Youth Players – Where are they now?

Have a discussion with a fellow Spur about youth and the phrases “haven’t had a player break through from the youth setup since Ledley King” and “Bostock and Parrett prove our youth system doesn’t work” tend to come up or something along those lines. Harsh comments in my view seeing as we just sold one of our squad players and youth products for a cool £8-9m which would make that about the 8th highest transfer fee received in our history. I started taking more of an interest in our youth team when I read an interview a few years back […]

2012/13 Season Ratings – Final Results

After 53* games, 216 different voters and 18012 votes I give you the ratings for the season from the Glory Glory and The Fighting Cock forum members. *no votes for Carlisle in the League Cup The Team Many would say that the first half of the season was better than the second and with an average of 6.42 compared to an average of 6.25 the ratings seem to back this up. However, the points gained at the end of December were 36 in 20 games, we earned an additional 36 points in 18 games by May. Undefeated in September, we […]

Ratings: Tottenham Hotspur 2 – 2 April 2013

Another month, another undefeated month, our worst month of the season. Bizarre, to say the least but this has been our lowest rated month with 6.09, beating the previous worst of 6.14 in November. We were knocked out of the Europa League on penalties after two 2-2 draws and won 1 and drew 2 of our three Premier League games, all games ending with 4 goals. We beat last season’s champions 3-1 but this was only our 15th best match of the season, even surpassed by a 0-0 draw vs Lazio back in September. The 6.80 in this game and […]

March – The Tottenham Way

We know the feeling, we’ve all been there many times – there’s no keeping it simple with our beloved Tottenham and all emotions must be visited. The joy of beating the old enemy and pushing them 7 points adrift, the joy of beating one of the power houses of European football and seemingly booking our passage to the next round of a European cup competition, a minor ‘blip’ after a decent enough performance away from home against an in-form ‘historically massive’ side still kept our optimism fairly high and then… Let’s be honest, many of us had that little inkling […]

Player ratings – The season so far, Bale & how February was somewhat average

Huh? Come again? AVB won the Manager of the Month award or did you miss the memo? Sure. He did. He won all 3 league games in February and progressed to the next round of the Europa League to boot (although I believe this is not taken into consideration for the award). In terms of ratings however? Well, Gareth Bale’s 8.25 for the month and Hugo Lloris’ 7.56 both broke the previous high of 7.54 for a month, which Jan Vertonghen got back in September, but what about the rest of the team? In the 5 games we played in […]

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