ARLombardiSupporting Tottenham Hotspur is not something you simply choose to do; it’s a vocation, a directive from above, a randomly assigned genetic code over which you have no control. Once Tottenham has you, like a Darth Vader choke hold, it never lets go.

From the wizardry of Gazza, Bale and Waddle, to the misery of bad lasagna and Arjen Robben penalty misses, all of this is part of what makes Spurs such a unique and wonderful club to follow.

You will find me most days chained to a desk where I finance my Spurs addiction by working on B2B editorial or, thanks to my lowly Bronze Membership somewhere in Blocks 29 through to 32 at White Hart Lane.

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Fantasy Hotspur


Over the past few years who have been the players that have captured your imagination and wanted the club to sign? I am not talking about CR7, Messi, Damiao or Zizou, but those players you have coveted in secret and from afar. Who would make your Fantasy Hotspur?

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No hope for Holtby

When Lewis Holtby arrived many of us were swept away by his enthusiasm, blond hair and his work rate. However, over a year and half later his career has stalled. Where once there was so much hope, now there is just hustle and bustle. Is there any hope that Holtby can be a success at Spurs?

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Summertime madness

Everyone seems to be spending money and strengthening, yet we haven’t signed anyone. Has your heart beat risen, has sweat started to form on your brow, do you need to strangle someone? If the answer is yes, take a deep breath and relax. It is July. Chill. It’s just a case of Summertime Madness. Things aren’t that bad.

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Players not referees should decide games

Everything in football has evolved for either the better or worse, depending on your point of view, but what has failed to evolve is the role of the ref. FIFA continue to thrust under qualified referees into the global spotlight, it needs to stop.

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Pochettino brings serenity to Spurs

A few weeks into the summer and everything is progressing nicely. With a new manager at the helm Spurs are floating across peaceful summer seas. A brand new manager, no transfer sagas, no contract negotiations. Let us enjoy the serenity while it lasts.

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Why it’s a good thing they won

They have ended their drought and in turn exposed ours. At least now we can stop hiding behind one cup win and get back to taking every single cup competition seriously. The clock is now ticking for us.

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The Fighting Cock Shop