Sound Bites

Get a feel for the show before you dive head first into a full episode or relive some of these classic TFC moments.


Main Theme | Download

Windy’s Theme | Download

Nanalysis | Download

BMC FC | Download

Rickypedia | Download

Getting Shirty | Download

Episode #05

Ricky gets King Cock | Download

Episode #07

“Tom Huddlestone, give us a retweet!” | Download

Episode #11

“North London is ours” | Download

Episode #12

“F**k Davro!” | Download

Episode #24

“These Spineless Men” | Download

Episode #26

“God Save Our King” | Download

Episode #29

“I’ve said Ricky’s cock died in my arse” | Download

Episode #44

Season 1 Finale | Download


Engineer Al’s Ecstatic Dance Class experience | Download


Engineer Al’s Christmas Speech | Download


Ricky’s Laugh | Download

The Fighting Cock Shop