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S4E39 – Lilywhite Collar

We welcome FourFourTwo’s James Maw, we ask him what Harry Kane is really like, Manchester City reviewed, Windy drops the knowledge, Stoke City previewed, transfer policies discussed, Spurs letting us down, boycotts and fan power. Bardi, T, James Maw & Flav

S4E38 – The Lion, The Poch & The Donkeys

Southampton reviewed, Windy drops the knowledge, would we want Klopp? Manchester City previewed, NFL ground-share discussed, Hugo Lloris making sweet love to our other halves, what really represents Tottenham Hotspur and is success boring? Love The Shirt Mandem: Bardi, Ricky, T & Flav

S4E37 – Full of Beans

Flav is back as we wax lyrical about Spurs’ latest pin-up boy, discuss the victory at St James’ Park, and consider a UKIP XI. Windy machine guns knowledge nuggets into your brain, we big up the Saints and Spooky rants about British porn. Fluffers: Flav, Spooky, Windy and Alex from Bristol

S4E36 – Fight Them On The Beaches

Windy hosts, spooky returns, Aston Villa post-mortem, Flav drops the youth knowledge, Newcastle kind of previewed, boycotts and how can we improve our squad. Beach Bums: Windy, Ricky, Spooky and T.

S4E35 – Move

We kick off with a nice pat on the back for the England boys, Burnley gets skimmed over, Windy talks, Villa previewed and Tim Sherwood talked about (again), Spurs’ transfer policy, Mason, Pochettino and Lloris come under scrutiny, Danny Rose gets praised like he should. Movers: Flav, Alex from Bristol, Bardi & T

S4E34 – 80 seconds of fun

This week we’re joined by FSF’s Amanda Jacks, we get right into it with Amanda about the rights of fans up and down the country, Windy drops the knowledge, Harry Kane’s open mouth, Burnley previewed, best accomplishments in 80 seconds, rooms on fire and we talk about the heart and soul of White Hart Lane. Flav, Alex from Bristol, T and Amanda Jacks

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