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Age: 28

Why Spurs? My sister and I had Spurs bibs as babies – we were effectively born Spurs.

Why not Arsenal? To be a ne’er-do-well or not to be a ne’er-do-well, that is the question.

BIRTH. SPURS. DEATH. Right? It’s ridiculous how much time and energy I put into Spurs – they are a massive priority, and always will be.

Favourite player? Ledley King. One club men are few and far between in the history of football, let alone in the modern game. A one club man as talented as him – how can you look beyond that? I was so choked up during the minute’s applause/singing as the clock turned to 26 in the West Brom game that I had to stop singing – he will always be synonymous with Spurs for me.

Two in the goo, one in the poo? Two youth players, one cup.

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